Howto:Avoid "lazy" registrations when using different nodes

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Applies To

This information applies to

  • all PBX Version 6

More Information

Registering clients on a multi-node PBX can - under certain circumstances - result in unpredictable behavior when using only numbers and not names.


PBXxy with NodeA and NodeB.

NodeA has prefix 97 NodeB has prefix 98

UserA is already defined on PBX for NodeA -> 97.11 UserB is already defined on PBX for NodeB -> 98.22

I'm lazy, so I configure only the number in the phones, not the names.

Up to this point, all works ok.

UserA and UserB are registered (Phone 1 "UserA 11"; Phone 2 "UserB 22").

Now, I configure another client on a new phone in NodeA, also again only the number, not the name:

Phone 3 --> 97.34

Aware! UserC is not yet configured in the PBX.

What happens?

The third phone registers as NodeA! (Phone 3 "NodeA 97"). From this point on, the whole NodeA works totally unpredictable - and mostly wrong.

So, please use names and numbers or names alone when dealing with different nodes.

It won't be a problem for small configuration scenarios, but it can be a problem with bigger rollouts.