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If in a PBX a busy extension is called the caller will hear a busy tone or, if it is an external call, the call will be forwarded to the operator. This is the “normal” or common behavior and a setup used in many cases. Our PBX can also handle the “call waiting” feature, but in many installations users don’t want handle a second call if they are busy.

The problem: if a user doesn’t want the call waiting feature and he is called on busy there is no information about that call. Even after the phone is again idle there is no information about call or even that there was a call.

Mobile Phones face the same problem; on better one there is a pop-up when someone calls until busy. On top once the mobile phone is idle again the missed call is displayed. With better PBX like the innovaphone one that is possible of course too, here is how.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • innovaphone PBX
  • version 8, tested on version 9
  • innovaphone IP-Phones (IP110, IP2xx series)

More Information

If a call arrives to a busy IP-Phone the display shows for some seconds the message symbol to advice the user.

Once idle the display shows that there is a message pending. In the message the user can see the number of the caller and can call him immediately just lifting the receiver.

The text in the message can be easily modified without editing the XML. The feature works also if in the PBX the call is not dropped but forwarded to the operator.


Copy the content in a new directory on the compact flash. Create a VM-Object (no VM license is required) and give him a name and/or a number. Now activate a call forward on busy (CFB) on all innovaphone Phone users who like to have that service to that name/number. Please note that also a user itself can activate the CFB using the menu options directly on the phone and so switch on/off the feature. Remember that the feature will just work if “busy on x call” is set to “1” in the user PBX configuration otherwise call waiting is done.

In the directory of the CF you see also two sample text files, delete them to have default behavior. If the XML will not found the file “message.txt” the default message “you where busy, please call me back” is displayed. If the file is found his content is displayed, in the example the file contains the message “richiamami”. For your language just edit the text file “message.txt”. The second text file “operator.txt” change the behavior for the caller; if that file is missing (you just have to delete it) the call is released. If the file is present the XML tries to forward the call to the extension in it. In the example there is the number “36” in, typically there will be the number of the operator in. In some cases customer want different behavior for external and internal calls, for example busy for internal calls, forward to the operator for external calls. That can be done installing the application twice on two directories and point on the XML depending on the call type (in the setup of the CFB in the innovaphone PBX). Or just modify the setup of the trunk line. Please note that the XML will not answer the call but just handle it, so no connect is done.

Known Problems

The feature will not work if there is no number information, that could for example happen if a external caller hides his number. In this case no information is forwarded and no action is done.

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