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Product Name


Certification Status

Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.


Systems for active or passive recording of voice calls


  • Digital Voice Recording
  • MiFID II and GDPR (DSGVO) compliant
  • Mobile Recording for cell phone conversations
  • Recording of screen interactions during the conversation
  • Quality Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting
  • Speech Analytics
  • Redundancy (hot swap mode)
  • SOAP API for 3rd party client integration


  • innovaphone PBX: Version 12r2 sr9
  • CENTERFORCE5 Call Recording Server MiFID II: Version 5.4




  • CENTERFORCE5 Call Recording Server is a windows based software (os: win7-10 / server 2012-2016) and can be easily installed on customer premises.
  • It is designed to record phone calls and monitor interactions within an innovaphone PBX environment.
  • Depending on customer needs, it will be integrated in passive or active mode.
    • The passive mode uses the span port of the network switch receiving and recording the mirrored data.
    • The active mode acts like a terminal equipment to the innovaphone pbx receiving and recording automatically the telephone calls which the customer wants to record.



Select the phones and set Config Template: _recording.


Example for 113:



Enter the Registrar Parameter and select Edit -> SIP Proxy Register.


Process List displays active calls.


For more details ask onsoft for configuration and user manual.

Compliance Test

Compliance Test for CENTERFORCE5 V.5.4 with innovaphone V.12r2
Test case Result Notes
Transparent Recording Ok Start recording automatically when conversation is established (connect) and stop when disconnected.
Manual Recording (On-Demand) Ok Monitoring of actual call information (number, direction, state) and start / stop recording when user press the configured “key(s)”.
Incoming / Outgoing call Ok Monitoring of call state (dialing, ringing, connect, disconnect), direction and number information is all captured and recorded.
Transferred call Ok Blind / consulted transfer
Codec G.711 Ok Conversation is recorded with 64kBit/s and clear reproduced.
Codec G.729 Ok Telephone call is recorded with 8kBit/s and clear reproduced.
Passive mode Ok Monitoring the mirror port (SPAN) on network switch and automatic recording.
Active mode Ok Registration at innovaphone PBX for automatic call pick up and recording.
TAPI Ok Monitoring call state and enhance call recordings with additional call information.