Howto:CGPN and CDPN Mappings on ISDN Trunk from EWE TEL

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This article decribes the way how to set correct CGPN and CDPN mappings for ISDN trunk from EWE TEL ISDN provider.


Applies To

This information applies to all innovaphone gateways.

More Information

Problem Details

EWE TEL ISDN trunk is awaiting CGDP numbers sended without subscriber number.

E.g. we have national code 7031, subscriber number 73009 and some PBX extensions, so a number will look like this:

+49 (0) 7031 73009 123

On EWE TEL trunk we need to send only 123 as CGPN.


Following configuration is set for EWE TEL trunk on TEL1 and old PBX on TEL2 as looping in scenario.

Mappings on ISDN trunk, ISDN flag need to be set:

Image:Einschleifen ewetel 01.PNG

Mappings on old PBX interface:

Image:Einschleifen ewetel 02.PNG

Routes with essential CGPN Map:

Image:Einschleifen ewetel 03.PNG

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