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Applies To

This information applies to

  • V10 innovaphone myPBX and later

The COM interface of myPBX can be used to start a call/chat via myPBX or to retrieve presence information for contacts.

More Information


myPBX has to run.
We're using a C# sample, a COM client.

You can view the interfaces, enums etc. of myPBX with the OLE COM-Object Viewer (OleView.Exe) of the Microsoft Windows 7 SDK.
Open the myPBX.tlb of the myPBX installation folder:

  • IUCOfficeIntegration
  • IMessenger
  • IMessenger2
  • IMessenger3
  • IMessengerAdvanced
  • IMessengerContactResolution
  • IMessengerService
  • IMessengerServices
  • IMessengerContact
  • IMessengerContactAdvanced
  • IMessengerContacts

A description for these interfaces can be found here:

Running the Sample Code

Create a C# console application and add the myPBX.exe as reference to the project.

If you do not want to reference myPBX.exe, you could create an own file interfaces.cs, where you copy&paste the interface definitions
of innovaphone.OfficeIntegration.

using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using innovaphone.OfficeIntegration; // namespace of myPBX.exe using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

namespace myPBXDial {

   [ComImport, Guid(Guids.UCOfficeIntegrationClassId)]
   class UCOfficeIntegration
   class myPBXDial
       static int Main(string[] args)
               UCOfficeIntegration uc = new UCOfficeIntegration();
               IMessengerAdvanced iMsg = (IMessengerAdvanced)uc;
               object[] types = new object[1];
               types[0] = args[0];
               iMsg.StartConversation(CONVERSATION_TYPE.PHONE, types);
           catch (Exception e)
               return 2;
           return 0;

} ?>

Explenation of the sample code

  • The class UCOfficeIntegration is a COM class wrapper, which is done with the ComImport statement. The GUID is retrieved from innovaphone.OfficeIntegration.
  • In the Main method you create an instance of this class and cast this instance to IMessengerAdvanced. On this object you can call all its interface methods.
  • Here we're starting a call with StartConversation.
  • If myPBX.exe is not running, you'll get an exception.