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Applies To

This information applies to

  • all innovaphone PBX platforms, V6 and later up to V12.
  • for V13 installations, refer to this article

More Information

Problem Details

Sometimes it is necessary to change the System Name aka GatekeeperID of a PBX. With this adjustment you have to be careful, because many functions depend on the System Name which does not work after a change.

In this article, we want to provide a list of features which need to be adjusted as well.
(Please note: this list is not complete and needs to be extended)


Preparations / Things to think about

  • Email address of all users will be changed (Use manuall config if needed)
  • SSL Certificates (eg. Federation)
  • GatekeeperID configured local at any device? (Phone, GWs, 3rd Party)

Config Change


  • User visibility rights based on System Name
  • Reporting - Reports and Filters
  • Faxserver
  • Exchange Calendar Connector
  • TAPI Applications
  • SOAP Applications
  • WebRTC scripts
  • Federation
  • Reverse Proxy Registers/Features based on System Name
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