Howto:Check the CFU Status with Voicemail XML Script

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Applies To

This information applies to

• innovaphone PBX, V7,V8

More Information

Active CFU on analog or DECT sets will be signalized playing a different tone if they pick up the receiver. So also those types of sets are advised that a call forward is on and that the phone will not ring if called. But those sets will just know that a CFU is on, not the destination of the CFU which could be important to check. This small XML will solve the problem, here is how:

Calling the XML you will hear the target number of the CFU of the set from which you call. If there is no CFU active you will be advised too.

Please note that this feature works for all types of phone sets and independently how the CFU was activated (from the set or via Web). From a technical point of view the XML ask the PBX if there is a CFU on and then spells the target number.

The XML is available with German or Italian voice prompts but changing the single prompts any language is possible.

Some customer want to have also other functionality: checking the CFU status of other extension without calling them. This is for example usefully for a simple operator phone. In this case the user has to enter the extension and will hear the CFU status of the selected extension.

Also in this case the XML is available in German or Italian language.


The typical installation is on the CF (but it works also on a Web server).

Download the files from the download link at the end of this article. Create a directory on the CF and copy all files on the CF directory. If you want to check your own CFU state, copy the own-extension directory to the CF - card. If you want to check the CFU state of other extensions, copy the other-extension directory to the CF - card.

Create now in the PBX a Voicemail object which URL point to the CF directory and in there on the file CFStatus.xml. Of course you have to assign a number to the XML, after that a user calling this number will hear his CFU Status. That’s it.

Please note that the name of the XML file is in both cases (checking just your CFU or checking other extension) the same and so if you install both applications do it on different directories(use the directory names mentioned above) and give different access codes.

Note: instead of a number it is also possible to assign star or hash mark to the VM object, for example “*#” or “**” (that will be more similar to the features codes….).


No further configuration is required after installation.

Known Problems

If there is more than one CFU activated you will hear just the first CFU (like on the display of an IP phone where also just the first CFU is indicated).


  • Download the complete file package of scripts and files described in this article.