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Product Name

comtelo Supervisor-App

Certification Status


Computer Telephony Integration and Unified Messaging / Unified Communication


Short summary of the most important features: All ComteloGROUPS App functions Howto:ComteloGROUPS - comteloGbR - Partner App


  • Change user status of members
  • Change Call Forwarding of members and waiting queue
  • User can be automatically switched out of the WQ if a round robin call is not accepted
  • the mobilty options
  • Call forward based on Presence
  • Call forward on myApps offline
  • Response Timeout
  • Reject ext. calls
  • Do Not Disturbs

Comtelo GROUPS

  • Display waiting queues and their members
  • Display waiting queue status
  • Display user status of members
  • Display call forwarding
  • Change your own waiting queue status
  • Call and chat with members
  • Display call journal of answered and unanswered group calls

Overview comtelo Supervisor App

Clicking on the user takes you to the config menu.




more comming soon

Overview comtelo Groups App


Waiting Queues




Group members


Call journal


  • comtelo SUPERVISOR APP Build 3200 SR14R1 / 1200 sr1 SR13R2


Install app from App Store

The customised documentation for the Supervisor app will follow as soon as possible

To get the steps done, log in to your PBX as admin.

Open "AP Manager": After you have logged in to your PBX as admin, click on "AP Manager"

Comtelo Ap manager.png

Go to the "App Store": Inside the "AP Manager", next we click on "App Store"

Comtelo ap Manager button App Store.png

Comtelo install groups app.png

Comtelo bedingungen groups app.png

Comtelo add groups app.png

Comtelo add instance groups app.png

Go to the "PBX Manager":

Comtelo start groups app.png

Comtelo pbx manager groups app.png

User configuration

Without further settings, users can see all queues in which they are a member.

Give the desired users the permission for the waitin queues. To do this, you configure the user authorization under visibility of the WQ object. You can also assign the user to groups in which he is not a member.

Via Visibility you can fade in and fade out the waiting queues.

Comtelo devices objects visibility groups app.png

In the example below, the queue "WQ_Abwurf" is visible to Long Name Dagobert.Duck and not visible to Rita.Ruhrig.

Comtelo devices visibility groups app.png

Calls with Number enable the Call Journal




comteloSUPERVISOR brings structure to your call groups. If you want to work together efficiently, this app has many advantages. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, Waiting Queues are clearly summarized and provide information on the status of the groups and their participants. What is the current availability of my group participants? Who is available or who has an appointment at the moment? Are there any people in my group who are available permanently? These are just a few examples, of what the comteloGROUPS app makes visible. The practicality of the app is supplemented with additional functions, such as a direct call from the app or the chat button for short messages in between. Take efficient collaboration to a new level with comteloGROUPS!




comtelo GbR | Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Torge Knop und Olaf Tomaski
Berliner Allee 51
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Tel: +49 511 676 676 6-0
Fax: +49 511 676 676 6-77
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