Howto:Configure DialingLocation to not use subscriber numbers

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This information applies to

  • all innovaphone gateways

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Problem Details

When myPBX or a phone does a number resolution via LDAP, it uses the Dialing Location to convert the number in the shortest possible format. If the configured AreaCode and CountryCode match the one of the number to dial, both are removed form the number and it is dialled as a Subscriber number. When using a SIP-provider to connect to the PSTN, this can be a problem - often SIP-providers reject calls to Subscriber numbers. As a result, we must configure the DialingLocation to use at least a National number format when dialling.

Configuring the SIP-interface maps to format all subscriber numbers in international or national format, will also work for calls to destinations in the same area-code. However calls to emergency numbers and other special numbers (e.g. in Germany 110, 112, 115, 116, 118... ) must be sent unformatted to the provider. Since the 'special' numbers are different from country to country and might also change in future, the solution of changing the number format at the interface (or in the routing table) is not recommended. Use the DialingLocation solution described below instead.


  • configure the DialingLocation as usual. Enter the Area Code together with the Subscriber number in the Subscriber Numbers section and leave the Area Code section empty.