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Applies To

This information applies to

  • PBX-software, V6
  • IP phones with Function keys, V6
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More Information

This article describe how to switch between different call forward profiles on a user object, waiting queue etc. The switching can be done automaicly based on week day and time, from internal phone with function keys and from external phone with DTMF tones.

The authorization to switch profiles from external phones can be given to special callers. From the external phone you can also check via voice message which profile / status is active for the moment.

The structure of the system is described here:

CF diagram.PNG

The Boolean object is the control element that decide forwarding profile for the user / queue. The boolean object can be switched automaticly, and it can be manual set to TRUE or FALSE.

A waiting queue with DTMF alternatives is used from outside to get status and override the boolean object.


Define the Boolean Object

Create a Boolean object for each object you want to manage. In our sample we have created boolean object "4772 Ole arbeidstid" to control the user object "3772 Ole". 4772 is not part of the external number series, so it is not reachable from outside line. In our sample we have set working hour from 08:00 to 16:30. We have also made four announcements files that tell the actual status of the boolean object:

  • VK-TRUE: "Call forwarding profile is automatically set to available / working hour."
  • VK-FALSE: "Call forwarding profile is automatically set to unavailable / non-working hour."
  • VK-overide-TRUE: "Call forwarding profile is manual set to available / working hour."
  • VK-overide-FALSE: "Call forwarding profile is manual set to unavailable /vacation."

CF boolean object.PNG

Create Call Forwarding profiles

Open the CF-window of the object you want to forward. In our sample we have created two call forwarding profiles, see figure in front of this article.

Profile one is inside working hour or in override available status. CFNR is set to a cell phone. and CFNR is set to operator 3770.

Profile two is outside working hour or in unavailable status as "in meeting" or "on vacation". Only internal phones are forwarded when no reply. All others are forwarded to Voicemail 85, extension 3772.

Create a Waiting Queue for external management of Boolean object

In our sample we have created waiting queue 3779 VK meny. The voice prompt VK-meny says: "Press 0 for status, press 1 for unavailable, vacation, occupied, press 2 for available and press 3 for default." The four DTMF-choice forward you to four different Mapping objects. Use only name, not number for these objects. If no reply, you are forwarded to a Disconnect map.

CF menue.PNG

Create a Mapping Objects for each DTMF choice

For each DTMF choice, create a mapping object. Use only name, not number for these objects.

CF menue objects.PNG

The call forward table is special for these objects. This table control the authorization of the caller. In the same Call Forward table you can control different boolean objects.

In our sample, the owner of user Ole 3772 want to control the CF status from his cell phone or home phone. If he calls from 90651372 or 67140297 to the VK-meny (3779) and press 3 for default, the VK-default object forward to 477201. 4772 is the internal number for boolean object Ole-arbeidstid and 01 is the control bit to set the boolean object to default. The boolean object is switched and he will hear the message that tell the new boolean object status.

All other callers will be disconnected.

Same procedure for the other mapping objects:

  • control bit 01 set boolean object to default
  • control bit 10 set boolean object to manual override FALSE
  • control bit 11 set boolean object to manual override TRUE
  • no control bit only give the actual status

CF boolean control.PNG

Create Boolean Function Key on internal phone

To toggle between the different boolean status, and then call forwarding status, create also a function key on your internal phone.

CF function key.PNG

It is important that the Boolean object is and the phone that have to manage the boolean object are in the same group. The user that has to manage the boolean object has also to have the group also as "Group indication". In our sample, they are member of the group Partner.

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