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This article describes a custom voicemail XML script used to control call forward status (CFU only) via IVR from any phone for any user protected by a PIN.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • innovaphone PBX, V7,V8

More Information

The PBX Users are able to set call forward status from own phone only using IP Phone features or via DTMF Features available in the PBX. Anyway it is not possible to change the call forward from other phones or from external numbers. There a very nice wiki article about how to control call forward status from internal and external phones, but its only available for predefined call forward profiles. The XML script appended to this article is used to switch call forward unconditional (CFU) on any user object to desired number from any phone able to call the VoiceMail object with provided script in German or in Italian language.


Extract the provided script to a CompactFlash card or HTTP-Server and create a VoiceMail object with URL pointed to FollowMe.xml:$_pbxcoder=g729,g711a 

For the first usage you must call the object from your own extension number and provide a PIN number. After that you will be able to set the CFU from any extension or external number.

Known Problems

The voice prompts are currently available only in German, Italian and Norwegian languages.


  • Download the complete file package of scripts and files described in this article.

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