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Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP 6000, V6 SR2
  • IP 800, V6 SR2
  • IP 305, V6 SR2
NB: this solution will work with V6, V7 and V8 firmware only as the  CONF interface behaviour has changed with V9.

More Information

Conference facilities can be created direct on the innovaphone gateway. There are two possibilities to create a conference:

1) Manually inbound dialed to the conference room

2) Broadcast dialed out to a specified group. When the group members pick up the phone, they are in the conference room.

In both cases you need to activate the CONF interface and register this to a user object. If you also want to the Broadcast possibilitiy, please see the Call Broadcast Object.

Conference Interface

Go to Gateway - Interfaces and open CONF. Create a registration on a PBX.

CONF Interface.PNG

Go to PBX - Objects and create an User Object. Give it the same name / number as the CONF Interface. See that the object is registered.

CONF object.PNG

Using the Conference room - inbound dialing

The users have to agree about which conference ID they want to use (0...9). More than one conference can run on the same time when they have different ID. The users call the number for the Conference user object + ID + #.

In our sample the object has no 87 and we use ID 0:


All users dialing 870# come into the same conference room.

Problems with inbound dialing and access from trunk line

In some countries, the number of digits in a call number is fixed. (ex Norway 8 digits). In this case the add on ID digit and # is blocked in the network, and because of the connection is not fulfilled, the additional digits are not sent as DTMF.

Solution 0: Route the incoming call to the conference

In this case, you have to use a Number Map object in the PBX. So when you are calling from outside e.g. 22446686, you reach the internal Number Map object 86, that maps the call to 870# thus reaching the conference room.

Solution 1: Check who is calling

The problem with the previous solution is that everybody from outside also can reach this conference room. A solution is to call a Waiting Queue from outside and use a Call Forward (CFU) dependent on caller ID. In the following example, Waiting Queue 86 is forwarded to 872# (conference room ID 2#) if outside caller 90909090 or 91919191 is calling. If users from outside caller 225566xx are calling, they are transferred to room 3. All other callers will hear the innovaphone internal waiting music, or the Waiting Queue voice message if such is specified. Here you can give a message to the caller.

Conference Facility Boolean CFU.png

It is also possible to "open" and "close" the conference room, setting the Boolean Object konf switch True and False, and activate / deactivate the Call Forward depended on Boolean status. You can set it True and False with a function key on your phone.

Solution 2: Ask for a PIN-code

Another solution would be to route the calls for the Conference to a Waiting Queue. In this Waiting Queue a message is played: "Welcome to ... Please enter your PIN-code to enter the Conference...".

With the DTMF-possibilities of the Waiting Queue-object, you can check whether the caller knows the correct PIN...

First create a new Waiting Queue-object:

Long Name: Conference CheckPin

Name: Conference CheckPin

Number: 500

WQ Conf 1.gif

Second configure the announcement when this Waiting Queue is called:

Queue -> First Announcement -> URL:$coder?coder=g711a,g711u,g729&repeat=true

Queue -> Alert TimeOut: 0

With these two options the 'checkPin'-file (which is located on the local CF-card and contains the text "Welcome... Please enter you PIN-Code...") is played directly (TimeOut = 0) whenever this Waiting Queue is called and this announcement is repeated constantly ($repeat=true).

Finally, the different PIN-codes to access the Conference-room have to be configuered:

Queue -> DTMF: 1230 (this is the PIN-Code the caller has to enter)

Queue -> DTMF -> Dest. No: 870# (this is the combination of the Conference-object ('87') and Conference-ID (0#)).

So when the caller presses 1230 he or she enters the Conference with ID 0... (You can add more PIN-codes for different or the same Conference-room (see screenshot))

WQ Conf 2.gif

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