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Product Name

DAKS-Pro The go-to solution for the highest demands
DAKS-Eco Connect - customize - done!

Certification Status

Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Testing of this product has been finalized November 9st, 2017.


Alarm system/server solutions


Tetronik logo mit Rechtsform.png tetronik GmbH


tetronik develops and produces solutions of outstanding quality for a wide range of alarm, information and communication management tasks. We integrate, automate, simplify and secure critical as well as everyday communication processes from different industries. With our portfolio and the various DAKS platforms, and together with our high-performance partners, we have been providing comprehensive solutions for a large number of demanding applications worldwide for decades.

DAKS... because it's about responsibility!


The DAKS-Pro Alarm Server offers a wide range of functions for optimized business processes, alarms in combination with emergency calls or incidents, and to support efficient crisis communication in heterogeneous ICT environments.

The DAKS-Eco Alarm Server is ideally versatile in its application, be it in hospitals or retirement homes, in the industrial sector or public administration, and in many other areas.

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Fields of Application:

  • Financial service providers
  • Banks and savings banks
  • Hotels
  • Public/administrative authorities
  • Industry and Trade (e.g. chemical or automotive)
  • Hospitals, nursing homes
  • Fire/police authorities
  • Disaster control services
  • Airports, public transport services


  • Broadcasting/Alerting-Pro
  • Personal Security-Pro
  • Conferences-Pro
  • Info Telephone-Pro
  • Call Profiles-Pro
  • Intelligent Calling-Pro as well as
  • Gateway-Pro


  • Broadcasting-Eco
  • Conferencing-Eco

DAKS-Pro - product brochure and data sheet
DAKS-Eco - product brochure and data sheet

Platform Comparion Chart


In a wide range of operational areas, the ability to simultaneously or sequentially alert and notify individual persons or entire groups of people makes it possible to set up veritable security systems. It is in this field that DAKS operates either autonomously or in combination with host systems equipped with certified interfaces to DAKS.

Vital information is transmitted automatically, faster and more safe. This brings increased mobility to your employees and minimizes error-prone, time-consuming and monotonous job routines.

Use this powerful function module to convene and control Meet-me-, Preset-, Ad-hoc- and Progressive Conferences (especially for emergency conferencing) over the phone or through operators at monitor-based workstations.

The user-friendly, intuitive and ad-hoc launch of telephone conferences accelerates your communications and decision-making processes substantially.

Personal Security-Pro
Staff in hazardous work areas can be monitored by the DAKS Server through cyclical calls or through cyclical verification of the data connection to their handsets. Whenever a monitored subscriber fails to report back or the data connection to a subscriber's handset is lost, the system will automatically activate a predefined alarm process.

Also, DAKS transmits deliberate or automatic alarms triggered by alarm buttons or sensors of the particular mobile devices. You need to be in compliance with the employers' liability insurance association? Please learn about our Personal Alarm System DAKS-PNA – a solution in full conformity with the German DGUV-112-139.

Info telephone-Pro
With the 'Info Telephone' function module, DAKS-Pro becomes an intelligent multichannel announcement device. Using voice messages recorded on the fly (ad-hoc) or pre-recorded messages, many callers are informed at the same time. In the same way, users can call the sever itself to get live messages (Hotline function).

Call Profiles-Pro
With Call Profiles, a single phone number is enough for the system to automatically call every other phone number of a person (= 'Personal Calls') or of the relevant members of an entire team (= 'Group Calls'), either in parallel or sequentially.

During this process, callers are placed in a waiting position and get a ringback tone as well as wait music and/or voice messages. This puts an end to the tedious, time consuming and nerve-wracking search for the right person - especially when every second counts!

Role-based Telephony
Often, regulated duties have to be reorganized due to short-notice changes. For instance, employees can fall ill, have to fulfill other tasks or are temporarily available under a different number. According to those changes, call diversions have to be constantly adapted by an operator. This often results in errors and time lags during which service employees may not be available.

In our modern work environment, the growing and vast spectrum of communications media and channels frequently confront us with particular demanding challenges – especially when it comes to messages that need to reach many recipients who all use different target media. DAKS overcomes these obstacles and distributes your messages reliably along different communications channels and media.

Notifier-Pro is a convenient and intuitive messaging user interface. It enables you to use DAKS to reach many individual subscribers as well as entire groups of users along various media – with one single message!


Product versions used for interopability tests:

  • DAKS-Pro V8.12
    DAKS-Eco V2.20
  • innovaphone IPVA V12r2sr6


For information about how to configure a innovaphone Virtual Applicance PBX System for the operation with the DAKS Server, refer to the PBX-Interface Configuration Guide

Test results

Results of the innovaphone PBX / tetronik DAKS-server interop test according to the tetronik GmbH Interoperability Testplan can be retrieved in the summary of test result: EN / DE

The SIP protocol is applied to connect the DAKS Server. In addition to the Basic-Call feature, this protocol also supports the following:

  • Calling name/Calling number
  • Connected name/Connected number
  • Variable text output to subscriber (per Call-transfer/Reinvite), not in combination with innovaphone SoftwarePhone
  • Receipt of keystrokes as RTP information (in keeping with RFC2833), or as keypad information

Special alarm features:

  • Urgent call signaling
  • Alarm call signaling (only in combination with Desktop IP phones and function „Ring Filter“ at the communication device)


For pricing information, please contact our sales office

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