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3rd party input
this is 3rd party content not provided by innovaphone, see history for authors.
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Alarm system/server solutions

Applies To

This document refers to the 3rd party product DAKS-Pro.

The following information applies to

  • Innovaphone PBX Version 12r2 sr6 IPVA[12.5236]
  • DAKS-Pro Version 8.x
  • DAKS-Eco Version 2.x

More Information

The information in this document is designed to offer a general overview and to describe the overall performance features of this product, the details of which may differ in their final form in the actual application, or become subject to modification as a result of the further development to which our products are constantly subjected. The trademarks used in this document are property of tetronik GmbH and its legal owners.

This document shows you how to configure a innovaphone Virtual Appliance PBX system (V12) for the operation with the DAKS Server, with the coupling realized via VoIP trunk.

General Information, Special Conditions

The tool that is needed to configure the DAKS Server at a innovaphone Virtual Appliance PBX system is a web browser for example Firefox or Internet Explorer.

The SIP protocol is applied to connect the DAKS Server. In addition to the Basic-Call feature, this protocol also supports the following:

  • Calling name/Calling number
  • Connected name/Connected number
  • Variable text output to subscriber (per Call-transfer/Reinvite), not in combination with innovaphone SoftwarePhone
  • Receipt of keystrokes as RTP information (in keeping with RFC2833), or as keypad information

Special alarm features:

  • Urgent call signaling
  • Alarm call signaling (only in combination with Desktop IP phones and function „Ring Filter“ at the communication device)


Tetronik topology.png

Configuration of the innovaphone Virtual Appliance PBX

  • PBX >> Opjects >> Gateway-Objekt

DAKS Gateway-Object.png

  • Gateway >> GK >> Gateway-Interface

DAKS gateway-GK-overview.png

  • GW1

DAKS gateway-GK-GW1.png

  • GW2

DAKS gateway-GK-GW2.png

  • Gateway >> Routes

DAKS gateway-routes-overview.png

  • Route 1

DAKS gateway-routes-1.png

  • Route 2

DAKS gateway-routes-2.png

Configuration of the DAKS Server

  • SIP trunk


  • SIP peer


  • Plain SIP