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Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP 1202, Firmware 10 and later

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Problem Details

In some applications, localization of DECT devices is required (e.g. to locate calling users in emergency situations).


While there are several add-on solutions available to address this requirements, the IP1202 has some basic function on board which may help. An a DECT master, you can retrieve the URL GW-DECT/MASTER/mod_cmd.xml?cmd=endpoints which will list all known endpoints along with the radio they are currently associated with (in the ep/loc tag):

<ep ipei="085870748637" product-id="DH3" sw-version="3.5.11" oem="DH3 / 3.5.11" num="633">
<loc name="DECT-UG [-/120218/update-004]">IP1202-12-e7-db</loc>
<ep ipei="085870409161" product-id="DH3" sw-version="4.2.2" oem="DH3 / 4.2.2" num="613">
<loc name="DECT Master [-/120218/update-004]">IP1202-12-85-c0</loc>
<ep ipei="036470960524" product-id="DH4" sw-version="4.2.3" oem="DH4 / 4.2.3" num="23">
<loc name="DECT-3.OG [-/120218/update-004]">IP1202-12-e7-cf</loc>

The content of the <loc> tag will contain the base's serial number wheras the name attribute will contain the base's name and version information.

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