Howto:Displaying date/time on DECT phones

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Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP52
  • IP54
  • IP1200

More Information

Problem Details

Some of the Kirk-made DECT handsets do support display of time information on the idle screen display and date/time in the call lists and messages. This feature however is supported from V6 SR1 in the IP1200 only. It is not supported in the IP1500 nor in the IP600.

The feature is implemented on IP52 (Kirk 4020) and IP54 (Kirk 4040)from firmware PCS 06Ea released 18. November 2005. It is implemented on the Kirk 5020 from the very beginning.


There is nothing special that has to be done to make this work. Just make sure you have at least V6 SR1 IP1200 firmware and radio code on all of your radios.

As time display can cause problems when messaging is used (see below), the feature is disabled by default from SR1-hotfix1 on and can be enabled using a config option in the DECT IP master.

Known Problems

Time display can interfere with MSF messaging. While MSF messaging is not supported by innovaphone, many customers use that together with 3rd party messaging applictions.

Problems may occur when a message arrives and the time information is refreshed before the user has seen the message as the time info will replace the message. Of course, the message is still available in the handsets mail function. However, it may well be that the user simply will not notice that here is a message to look for.

In IP1200 SR1, to work around, you need to disable the NTP client on the radio serving the handset. This disables the time/date function. Of course, your log then will show no timestamps either, unfortunately.

From SR1-hotfix1 on, the IP1200 will by default NOT send date and time information.