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This article provides information about setting a filter which allows the replication of desired objects only.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • ESTOS MetaDirectory 2
  • Tested with v8 PBX platform only

More Information

Problem Details

This article will explain how to avoid the presentation of non-user objects from Metadirectory. Metadirectory will replicate all PBX objects which means also system (_ADMIN_...), trunk, Boolean objects, etc....

Our goal is to only see "true" User objects.

Users browsing a directory searching for a Name should not find "invalid" entries such as those mentioned above.

PBX attribute "Hide from LDAP" will not work for Metadirectory.


Metadirectory allows field mappings customization through Regular Expressions.

A field not matching the Regular Expression can be set to blank.

A blank Primary Key field is not replicated and thus not presented outside Metadirectory.

Primary Key must be unique so a boolean field cannot be used (true/false) as filter.

In this example we can add a marker to H323-ID field to indicate "valid" User objects and discard all those objects not matching with a search for that prefix. Unfortunately is not possible to use this procedure the other way around as only not matching records can be set to blank.

Hide from LDAP

The Hide from LDAP check-mark in PBX objects is represented as a hide attribute on LDAP level. It will be present and set to the value true if the check-mark is set. This will allow you to filter out such objects.



[|PBX objects formatted to match replication filter.]


Above the h323 name is between square brackets and is configured as Primary Key.


We configure the regular expression to search for square brackets and remove them. Primary Key entries not matching the search criteria will be cleared.


Resulting view in a LDAP Browser.

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