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Estos Procall 5.0 can be used as external presence server.



Estos Procall 5.0 can work as "UC Server" so we could centralize the presence of users in the Estos Procall Server and achieve synchronization between the presence set on Estos CTI client and Innovaphone Phones (that are controlled by the Estos CTI Client).


- When Presence it's changed on the Estos CTI client of an User the presence it's updated on Innovaphone PBX and Phone of the same User. - When the prance it's changed on Innovaphone Phone/device of an User it's updated on the Estos Procall 5.0 Server and the CTI client of the same User change his presence also.


  • innovaphone PBX Version v11r2sr8 (or higher).
  • Estos Procall 5.081 (or higher).

Configuration of PBX

1. It's important that the User set at Estos Pro Call Server match with the User set at Innovaphone PBX, for that it's necessary to have the system name with the "Domain" set and the flag "Use as Domain". Then the h323 field of each User Object must match with the Name set at Estos. Example: UserA@innovaphone.sifi


2. Add a new PBX object of type "External UC". Give it a Long Name (e.g. External UC) and a Name (e.g. ext-uc). This object will be the one used by Estos Pro Call to register on PBX and do the Presence Subscriptions, so in the end we see the IP address of the Estos Pro Call Server if all defined correctly.


3. On the "UC" tab enter the URI for the resource list subscription with value: allusers + @ + domain (e.g: allusers@innovaphone.sifi). This URI is used by the PBX to query presence information for all its PBX users.

Note: As alternative to the value "allusers" we can set any other name as long we add this name in the Groups list in Estos Configuration.

Enter at the corresponding users under User/External UC the Name (e.g. ext-uc).


Configuration of ESTOS Procall 5.0

1. Open ESTOS UCServer administration and select under SIP/Federation the option Edge Server. Next click on configuration and insert the "External UC" Name (e.g. ext-uc), Password, IP Address (e.g. and Port Number (e.g. 5060). In the dropdownlist Network select automatic and in Transport Protocol TCP.


2. Under SIP Server activate these option and add a new network interface with corrosponding IP Address (e.g., Port Number (e.g. 5060) and Protocol (e.g. TCP).


3. User config at Estos Pro Call server, important that user@domain match with the User Object at PBX.


4. Configuration of the "Presence Domain"


5. Configuration of the TAPI Lines of the Innovaphone Users.


known problems

Sometimes the UC-Server sends no presence-informations and maybe this solution works not stable. Estos says, that this feature was implemented with V4 and is very rare used. So they have a problem with the support of this feature.

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