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Some users want to receive an email if they have a missed call. In the V13 area there are smarter ways to check and recall missed calls, but why not do it in this way?

Here is how.

Applies To

This information applies to

innovaphone PBX, version 12 or higher

More Information

The solution is a XML (a.k. a VM Object), a user can set a Call Forward (typically a call forward no answer, but it works also with CFB and CFU) to that object. When the forwarding triggers the call goes to this XML and the user receive an email with the number of the caller. The mail itself is empty, the subject shows a message (“you have a missed call from” o similar) with the calling number. It is also possible to play a voice message to the caller (for example “I will call you back as soon as possible”), then the call is released.


The solution is just one single XML file. Copy that file to your PC and edit it, than copy the file in a Webdav directory (CF or mSata in V12, using the Files app in V13). Record your voice file if you want that feature, the filename is “Track1.g711a”, there is just this format in. If you want other codec change the “.g711a” in “$codec”. Copy the file in the directory where the xml is.

In the XML there are just two items to change, the first is the address of you email-server (IP address or name if you have a valid DNS server) and eventually the text of the message in your language:


Now create your VM object in the PBX and point on the XML, force G711a using the parameter, an example path is$_pbxcoder=g711a

Note: The mail will be send to this mail address of the user in the PBX:


Now it is ready, just do a CF to the XML and call the user, a mail will be generated.

Known Problems

If the mailserver is offline the mail will be lost (the xml use the V12 email mechanism). If a Call Forward is done to this service no further call processing is possible, after the message (or immediately if there is no massage) the call will be dropped, no CF to the operator o similar.

Actually, there is just on single voice file for all users in the solution, individual messages are possible, you have to modify the XML.


  • Download the complete file package of scripts and files described in this article.

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