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This article is obsolete. FTP upload is no longer possible. Instead, the new file upload must be used.


Applies To

This information applies to anyone, who needs to transfer files that are too large to send by email practically.

More Information

There is an innovaphone ftp-server named which can be used to upload or download files too large for emailing.

If you need Login data, please ask for them via e-Mail or telephone

Sending files to innovaphone (Upload)

1. Login
we offer different logins:
if you need the ftp server to upload big files for a support case, please use the well known credentials
if you want to use the server for another concern please ask for the login via e-Mail (only or telephone.

2. Upload files
please consider that we announce our logins to several persons, so your data are not covered until you use for example password protected ZIP-files.

If you contact us for support (ICE or beta-tester) there are depending on your login special input folders with no reading access for any user outside of innovaphone to upload your data: for ICEs it is the directory "incoming", please create a subfolder named like the number of the support ticket there (e.g. incoming/123456). If you do not have a case number, use the "beta" folder. Only innovaphone employees can see/download these files, so you cannot even see the files you put there

Please do not create further sub-directories there (e.g. no incoming/123456/subdir)

3. Let us know
Contact the recipient of innovaphone if they don't expect your file(s)

Warning: your data is not covered unless you use for example password protected ZIP-files, only incoming and beta directory are write-only and not readable for ftp-users. So there you can upload data but no-one (except us :-) can read it.

Getting files from innovaphone (Download)

This is done with innovaphone's Owncloud service. You will receive a download link for files shared with you.

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