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This document explains the configuration for a innovaphone fax solution with Exchange.


Applies To

This information applies to the innovaphone firmware V10 final and Linux application innovaphone Fax V10 final.

Exchange Configuration

The fax server domain, e.g., must be added and all mails to it have to be forwarded to a new connector. The new connector has got the Linux Application Platform IP address as the target IP and SMTP authorization without TLS must be enabled. User and password are the configured ones of the fax server configuration. The type FAX must also be forwarded to the connector so that fax documents can be sent directly to an Outlook contact's fax number.

More information about creating SMTP Send Connector on Exchange 2010 could be found here.

Configuration example of SMTP Send connector





Relay Host Configuration

All outgoing mails of the fax server can be sent over the Exchange server. A relay host must be configured in the Linux Application Platform. The server is the Exchange server IP address ([]) or name ([]) and the domain is the fax server domain. The user and password must be empty if the Exchange accepts anonymous SMTP.

DNS Configuration

There must be a public entry of the fax server domain to the Exchange server, too. Otherwise mail providers reject the fax server mails.

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