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This article describes the Guideline how to migrate from V5 to V6


Applies to

  • all innovaphone devices V5
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Please first read the upgrade issues article about licenses and other tweaks

Howto:Upgrade Issues V5 to V6

Then configure from v5 to v6 step by step as described below.

Phone Update

You first need to update all innovaphone phones to Version 6.

Therefore you send an update URL to the phones via the Version 5 PBX (PBX/update clients)

provide the update url

config change UP1 /url <address>:<Port>/<Path>/ /poll 2
config write
Note : This Update client function on the V5 PBX only works with IE6 not with IE7 or firefox 


Provide the update file on the Web server for Firmware upgrade

mod cmd UP0 prot http://<IP address>/<Path>/ip200.bin ireset 0x-xxxxxx
mod cmd UP0 boot http://<IP address>/<Path>/boot200.bin ireset 222


After upgrade - you can´t reach the phones in the remote locations anymore (for additional updates )if in the remote location there is no local PBX to which the phones can also register to.

Because after the update to V6, the gatekeeper entry in the phones is lost - so the phones need to connect to the PBX via Broadcast.

Using the Update Tool

There is an Update Tool available to help with the migration of phones to V6.

Phone config

Send config update for the phones (important because of the lost gatekeeper settings), for example:

mod cmd UP1 check ser 20071010-1
config change PHONE SIG /prot H323 /gk-addr x.x.x.x /alt-gk x.x.x.x /gk-id name /tones 0
vars create PHONE/USER-CFG/00000 p your function keys like pickup and ldap settings
vars create PHONE/USER-PWD/00000 pc


Then update the Gateway/PBX (if you have a master slave configuration - update first the master PBX)

Therefore read also the article Upgrade v5 to v6 shown above


First take care of the licences when upgrading your PBX! – Go to the Licence Manager.

Here the licences are not described in depth, this is done on the V6 licence document or wiki entries –go to

For upgrading the PBX to V6 you have to PAY for a basic licence – upgrading a V5 PBX to V6 PBX is not for free!!!

The old V5 Trial Lics do not work with V6.

In V6 you have new trial licences. If you need them go to

So after upgrading, input your licences again (make sure you bind your licences to the mac address- otherwise they won´t work )

Extern Object

There is a new mechanism for the EXTERN Object.

This is pretty much enhanced compared to the implementation in V5.

Now, a PBX will try to deliver a call. If unknown send it to its up-nodes-tree-master.

If it returns back from there with "unassigned number" cause, code send it to the extern object.

To configure an own EXTERN user on every PBX (in the Numbering Node) and set it also in the PBX /General at Route root node external calls to and/or route node external calls to.

The Extern Object can now be any object - but there is only one Extern for the whole root node.

Also you can define an own Extern Object for every Node.


Locations Concept in V5

The name Locations Concept is obsolete as it is in V5 - in V6 we call it Numbering Node

If you have more PBXs configured as Locations Concept in V5 - and every PBX has its own trunk local object (locally registered) - in V6 it works differently.

How to configure this in V6 (to have an own Trunk Object with the same Number (e.g 0) on every site) please read therefore:

Howto:How to configure a Numbering Scheme with one Node and more Pbx/Locations

so when upgrading to V6 you need to reconfigure this.

If you have this scenario (this was impossible in v5 ):

Having more innovaphone locations. There is an innovaphone gateway with ISDN connection (local ISDN trunk) at every site (location)and more nodes over all locations. That means it is possible to have the same phone extensions over different nodes. Every endpoint only dials the extension inbetween its own node - if it should reach another node, the prefix of this node has to be dialed too.

Also every endpoint dials the trunk line number (e.g 0) and obtains a local break out.

go to :

Howto:How to configure numbering node with X nodes and X pbx.


If you use an External MOH source you have to reconfigure the MOH. As with the _EXTERN_ user there also exists no _MOH_ user anymore.

The configuration of the external MOH is now very much simplified.

Configure the Music on Hold URL in PBX/General /Music on Hold URL.

You have to add "&coder=G729" or "&coder=G711" or if you use two coder "&coder=G711,G729" or whatever you codec is to the URL you have for the MOH.

The MOH url in V6 is different to the Moh Url in V5

in V6 it looks like this: http://x.x.x./path/filename.$coder?coder=g711a,g729

Waiting Queue

Also you need to change the urls in the waiting queue as shown above

Unnecessary routes

Delete the routes to http interface and the user in the pbx for that route - you can delete all the routes and gws that you needed for the MOH in V5. It simplifies your configuration and saves Gateways.


Phones cannot register if no location (Pbx Name) is configured

In V5 the default location was 'LOC'

In V6 the default location is '.'

So if a V5 was used without configuration of a location, all users are configured for the location 'LOC'.

If you configure this location explicitly in your V6 config, the phones register again.

Pbx/General/Pbx Name – here enter the LOC

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