Howto:Handle emergency calls with multiple locations and roaming users

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Applies To

This information applies to

  • V13r1sr8 and later

More Information

Problem Details

In scenarios involving various sites and roaming users (hot-desking) it is necessary to ensure that emergency calls are sent to the local PSTN (the location where the user is physically present and the call is initiated).

For example it will not work with an e.164 setup because the idea of the e.164 scenario is exactly the opposite. (The local Flag in Object like the Trunk doesn't work with the physical location inside the pbx-tree) One would like that the user detached from his physical location always under the same call number is reachable and also over it place calls. Especially in the area of hot desking this causes problems in combination with emergency calls.

System Requirements

  • Deskphone with V13r1sr8 and later

Configuration Phone

  • You have to register User-1 with a registration to the local location where the Deskphone is physically present
  • You have to configure Numbers for Emergency Calls in the Deskphone configuration at Phone/Protect
  • You have to activate Emergency Calls always on Primary Registration in the Deskphone configuration at Phone/Protect

With this setup you can register (or user can do it itself via Hot-Desking) additional Users (User-2 to User-6) on this Phone. If a user now try to reach one of the configured Numbers for Emergency Calls, the Phone will reject the call and automatically re-initiate the call as User-1. The call will be delivered via the local trunk-line of User-1.

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