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Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP 110 V6
  • IP 200A V6
  • IP 230 V6
  • IP 240 V6

More Information

Hide missed calls on the display of the IP-Phone (IP200A, IP110, IP230, IP240)

Problem Details

Some people did not want to see the missed call announcement on the display of the phone (IP200A, IP110, IP230, IP240). The redial and call list is available.


You have the possibility to add the value 0x40000000 (PHONE_LOCK_CALL_INFO) under Administration/Phone/Protect/Fine grained Function Locking. With this value you disable only the announcement on the display. The call list (R button) and the redial list (redial button) is available and up to date.

If you want to distribute the value to all phones you can use the update server. . For the script you can use the following command. config change PHONE USER /whitelist-e164 /external-e164 /lock-mask 0x40000000 /pinlock-mask /funclock-ro-mask

Known Problems

no known problems.

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