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this article describes ways to reset a DECT handset to factory defaults.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP61
  • IP63
  • IP64
  • IP65

More Information

When a factory reset is done on a handset, all configuration settings will be restored to default values, PBX subscriptions will be removed and all data are removed. This includes contacts etc. The software will be left intact.

Factory Reset using WinPDM Software and Programming Charger

  1. In PDM, click the Device tab and mark the handset to be factory reset. Note that the handset must be online.
  2. In the Device menu, select "Factory reset". Alternatively, right-click the handset and select "Factory reset".
  3. A Reset devices dialog appears, click "Yes". The handset will be restarted.

Factory Reset using Handset

It is possible to factory reset a handset from its Admin menu.

  1. To activate the Admin Menu, enter the Call time screen and press > * < < * <.
  2. Select "Factory Reset".
  3. A Reset portable? dialogue appears, press "Yes". The handset will be restarted.

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