Howto:How to configure Cornet-NQ trunking on a Hicom300/HiPath 4000

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Innovaphone gateways can be used for ip-based trunking between traditional PBXs. Here is how to configure a Siemens HICOM to do so. Applies To

  • This information applies to all gateways, Firmware V4 and later.
  • Siemens Hicom 300 Series (aka HiPath 4000)

More Information


Hicom PBXs can be networked using the Cornet-N ISDN signaling protocol. This protocol is proprietary to Siemens and not supported by innovaphone. However, for the Hicom 300, a new, QSIG based networking protocol has been implemented which uses a standard QSIG “tunneling” mechanism to pass vendor specific signaling information through a QSIG channel. This protocol is called Cornet-NQ.

Innovaphone gateways do support this mechanism and can thus be used for inter-Hicom trunking via IP.


You will need as much innovaphone gateways as required to cover the number of tie-line interfaces on each PBX location. The cloud of innovaphone gateways will present themselves as a “switching QSIG transit network” to the PBXs. That is, the links between the gateways are point-to-multipoint in the sense that each PBX can place calls to any other PBX connected to the cloud via the same interface. There is no need for point-to-point configurations.

Each Hicom must support Cornet-NQ. Cornet-N is not supported.


First keep in mind, that this configuration is not a QSIG/H323 interworking scenario. You will have to configure the ISDN interface for QSIG, however, you will not tick on the interworking checkmarks in the gateway call routing.

Unfortunately, there are many QSIG variations in the field. QSIG based trunking has been tested with Siemens and the proper configuration for both the innovaphone gateways and the Hicom has been determined. Please refer to the attached documents for details on how to configure.

Known Problems

Neither Hicom 150 series models nor HiPath 3000 series models currently do support Cornet-NQ. We recommend to loop-in gateways into the PBX trunk lines to interconnect such PBX systems.

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