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Configuring a IP1200 system in single cell and multicell mode


Applies To

  • IP1200

Build V6 (hf12) 07-604008904 and later

More Information

As the IP1200 is a scalable solution capable of registering up to 1500 wireless users it is evidently an excellent choice for small, medium-sized as well as large businesses within a wide range of vertical markets.

With the option of deploying the IP1200 as either a single-cell or a multi-cell solution, it can be adjusted to fit the exact needs of the individual customer.

The IP interface to the pbx makes it an ideal solution for businesses with several locations.

A multi-site solution can be customized with a number of single-cell and multi-cell deployments depending on the size of each individual location.

When there is a need for more than 35 users at a location, a second or more IP1200 need to be installed.

To create a multi-cell solution a multi-cell license is needed.

Up to 256 radio units (a mix of primary and secondary IP1200 and Repeaters) can be applied to obtain the necessary radio coverage.

A single-cell version consists of one IP1200 and up to 6 Repeaters.


One IP1200 is Dect master and radio master(sync master)


In a multi-cell installation with max. 10 IP1200 primary and secondaries and/or 100 handsets, the Master IP1200 can be used as radio unit.

So one IP1200 as Dect master and radio master (sync master) and secondary IP1200 (radios)

For bigger installations it is recommendet to take

One IP1200 as Dect master (no radio channels) , one IP1200 as Radio master (sync master) and secondary IP1200 (radios)-

Frequency used:

ETSI DECT (1880-1900 Mhz), referred to as DECT


Dect Object

First configure an Dect object in the pbx


Pbx /objects/dect system

Having a version 5 Pbx please define an normal user object.

Master IP1200

Configuring the master IP1200 or if you have a single-cell system (only one IP1200).


The Device Name is only a description ,used as title of the browser window


The license for the Master


You need only license for a multicell system.

This license is a hardware based licence.

You have to install the license on the master IP1200.

There is no need for a license for singlecell radio system (it’s built-in)


Configuring the Ldap on the IP1200 (IP1200 master or single cell)


Configure a new Ldap user activate write access

Configure Ldap on the pbx


LDAP Replicator for the Master IP1200


Server is the pbx with the configured Dect object.

User and Password are the LDAP settings from the pbx.


Configuring the Dect sytem


The Name is the Name of the Dect object configured in the pbx.

Password is the password of the pbx -pbx password, not ldap password- (where the Ldap replication comes from)

It is needed to decrypt the user passwords.

Configuring Dect master


GK (Gatekeeper) is the pbx with the Dect object.

Configuring Dect radio


If the master is also a Dect radio put the loopback address (as mentioned above in bigger installation the Dect master should not be the radio master- so here put the radio to disable).

In that configuration it means that the RTP stream goes via this IP1200.

On a singlecellsystem is the radio ID 0

On a muliticellsystem every radio has to be another ID configured.

Secondary IP1200

Configuring the secondary IP1200 (radios) in a multicell system.

You need no licence for the secondary IP1200..

Configure a device name (general/admin) as on the IP1200 master.

Ldap configuration on the secondary IP1200.


The first replicator is the master IP1200.

Alternate server is the pbx.

User and password of the remote Ldap server (master IP1200 and pbx)

Configuration of the Dect

Dect system


Name is the name of the Dect object in the pbx.

Password is the pbx password


The secondary IP1200 are not the Dect master

The password for the encryption of all passwords in the LDAP database.

If the user data from an innovaphone pbx is replicated, the pbx password must be configured.

Configuring the dect secondary IP1200


Master is the master IP1200- so here the rtp stream (when the calls goes form Dect to Ip or vice versa) goes via this Ip address.

Radio ID must be on all radios different.

Sync source is the radio ID with which the radio is to synchronise.

When the configuration is complete you will see on the master IP1200 at administration DECT radios all radios in your system.


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