Howto:How to configure reverse look-up on Ascom branded IP-DECT devices

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This document explains how to configure LDAP directory reverse look-up for Ascom branded IP-DECT devices.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • Ascom branded IP-DECT devices.


The reverse look-up can not be configured with the GUI on Ascom branded IP-DECT devices, but with command lines. This are the available configuration options:

  • /search-enable
  • /search-server LDAP server IP address
  • /search-user LDAP server user
  • /search-pwd LDAP server password
  • /search-base LDAP server search base
  • /search-name-attrs LDAP server name attributes
  • /search-num-attrs LDAP server number attributes
  • /dl-cc country code
  • /dl-ac area code
  • /dl-ntp national prefix
  • /dl-itp international prefix
  • /dl-col external line
  • /dl-subscr subscriber numbers

The config add command can be used to add the configuration options to the DECT Master module. Here is an example for the command, the configuration values must be substituted:

!config add GW-DECT MASTER /search-enable /search-server /search-user ldap-guest /search-pwd passwd /search-base cn%3Dpbx0 /search-name-attrs cn%2CgivenName%2Csn%2Ccompany /search-num-attrs e164 /dl-cc 49 /dl-ac 30 /dl-ntp 0 /dl-itp 00 /dl-col 0 /dl-subscr 223344

!config write

!config activate

The configuration GUI for this feature can be accessed by entering following URL in the web browser:

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