Howto:How to connect a SPEECH DESIGN Teleserver Mobile Pro to an innovaphone PBX

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SPEECH DESIGN has developed a Mobile Extension Solution which is certified with innovaphone PBXs. Here is the howto for the successful connection.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • PBX, V5.01

Build 05-5874 and later.

More Information

Problem Details

System Requirements

XCAPI Version 2.2.46 ISDN Voice III, build 337 Teleserver Mobile Pro Version (TUI) 3.00 E 09 innovaphone PBX


The Teleserver will come preinstalled, just enter the several configurations and configure the options shown below.


innovaphone PBX

Create a new PBX Object and enter the values for the XCAPI registration. Choose “Location” as objecttype and enter an name (h323 alias), number and long name.


In the XCAPI configuration set the following parameter:

  • Controller -> Type -> H323 -> Tab: e164 Mapping
    • enable both checkboxes
    • enter “00” for international prefix
    • enter “0” for national prefix
  • Controller -> Type -> H323 -> Gatekeeper
    • enter GK IP Address
    • enter own extension or h323 alias (same as in PBX)
  • Controller -> Type -> Number filtering
    • create one empty entry in “numbers from applications” and “numbers from network” with type “Telephone Number (e164)”

SPEECH DESIGN Teleserver Mobile Pro

Log into the webinterface of the Teleserver Mobile Pro and configure the system parameters first. Enter your areacode and subscriber number as mentioned in the Teleserver Manual.

Configure Users and function numbers as described by SPEECH DESIGN.

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