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In some cases, SIP providers ask for From/Identity Header values which we cannot build automatically. In such circumstances we can use the "add UUI" in Route Map and a specific configuration in the SIP interface for this.


Applies To

This information applies to all innovaphone gateways

  • V12r2 and higher

More Information

Problem Details

If we look into the configuration of From or Identity Header in the SIP interface, we see that the innovaphone system tries to build these headers with either one of the following:

  • for FROM: Fixed AOR, AOR with CGPN as Display, CGPN in user part of URI
  • for IDENTITY: CGPN in user part of URI, Fixed AOR

In this case, the header is built automatically with parts of information already known by the system as CGPN or AOR.

In some cases, the provider requires a value in these Headers which is not related to any other known values. In such an event, we need a way to store and apply this "fixed" value. So we will use both configuration parameters:

Route Map Configuration

The goal here is to have a MAP in the routing generally used for all outgoing calls. In order to achieve this, the better approach is to use the last one, which should be the MAP that sends the call to the SIP interface.


Open this map and add the required value in "add UUI" field.


As the UUI will be used in the SIP header, we should write here a valid SIP URI: "<sip:UriUserPart@UriDomainPart>"

A specific behavior of SIP interface is to replace the string {initiator} in UUI by the call's diversion-info if available or the calling party number otherwise

You can use this to keep the original CGPN whatever the treatment was done in routes maps before. "<sip:{initiator}@UriDomainPart>"

SIP interface configuration

In SIP interface select the UUI options in "From/Identity Header when Sending INVITE".


At this point, you should also check your provider's requirements, as we have also a few other possibilities to adjust: UUI in From or UUI in Identity. We can also go further with Advanced Tweaks like "/pai on" used for P-Asserted-Identity or P-Preferred-Identity as Identity header.

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