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How to analyse /interpret call values in the log / trace / PBX -> calls


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This information applies to

  • innovaphone pbx

all builds

More Information

Problem Details

Reading the call screen values of delay, jitter and packet loss isn’t self explaining.

Call Screen Description

In the trace and in the log you can see the following:


Codec, packet size (delay in ms, jitter in packets) it is shown two times for incoming and outgoing traffic.

In the PBX under call it looks like that:

image:PBX calls.png

G729AB (30,7,241)

Codec (delay in ms, jitter in packets, packet loss in packets) it is shown two times for incoming and outgoing traffic.

How to interpret those values

You must distinguish between in-house LAN and WAN calls, furthermore the values are related to each other.

The following values are "normal" limits, but it is also possible that you have a rather good call quality with values which are ("much") higher. It is up to the administrator to interpret this values in the context.

For example if you lose 20 packets in a two minute call, it is much more bad then losing 20 packets in a 2 hour call.

Calls on LAN connections: (<5/0-9/-)

Calls on WAN connections: (150/16-25/<10)

How to see Control/Subscription calls on PBX

By default the PBX->Calls screen only display the media calls, however we can also see the Subscription calls (Presence/Dialog) currently active on the PBX by changing the filter on the link in the browser.


replace fm with *.


If we wish to see in XML format.


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