Howto:How to set/unset call diversions on innovaphone IP Phones

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There are 3 ways to configure a call diversion for a pbx user. The first is only for administrators, which configure a call diversion by the web interface of the pbx.

The second is the configuration by the user directly on the IP Phone.

The last solution are the function keys, probably the fastest way to set/unset call diversions.


Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP110
  • IP150
  • IP200/IP200a
  • IP202
  • IP230
  • IP240

Build V6 and later.

More Information

Configuration on the IP Phone Menu

download the Operator Manual from our Website

On site 20 , 5.1 Call Diversion

here is how to

Configuration with function keys

Press menu- user list-your user-functionkeys- choose one function key

Type : call forwarding

Call Diversion , define the unconditional/busy or no reply

see also Reference:Configuration/Registration/Function-Keys/Call-Forwarding

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