Howto:How to use DTMF features on DECT handsets

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This document explains how to configure DECT handsets to use in-call and regular DTMF features like hold-retrieve, call transfer, reject call waiting, configure call forward etc.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP61, IP63, IP64, IP65 DECT Handsets and IP1202/IP1203 IP-DECT Base Station


The programming charger for DECT handsets is required to perform the configuration of the handsets.


The DECT handset must be configured by using WinPDM software tool.

This can be done by applying a configuration template provided together with the handset firmware files in the wireless package on the innovaphone download page. For each Handset type (IP61 and IP63) a configuration template file template.tpl is attached. Import this files into WinPDM and review the configuration of the template by browsing to Template Tab and double clicking on it.

The configuration template contains the in-call features according to the Howto:How to use the R-key handling article. The in call functions are available in the calling state, under More softkey button on the DECT Handset. Also some other DTMF features are, like Call Forward and Pickup are available via the Call Services menu on the DECT handset.

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