Howto:How to use both headset and handset simultaneously with an IP200, an IP200A or an IP230

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In some scenarios such as e.g. call centers, users wish to place calls using the handset but have someone else listen to the same call using a headset. Here is how to do it.


Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP200, IP200A from V5
  • IP230 from V6
  • IP240 from V7
  • IP2x2, IP241 from V9

and later

More Information

Problem Details

The IP200, IP200A and IP230 allow users to use either the headset or the handset for a call and this mode can be changed in between calls. However, by default it is not possible to use the headset and the handset simultaneously within the same call.

In some scenarios, this is required as a 3rd person whishes to listen to the call using the handset while the user utilizes the headset for the call.

This feature can be enabled using a specific (otherwise undocumented) configuration.

While the call is active (and the user talks and listens through the headset), the handset is picked up (off-hook) and the space bar (IP200, IP200A) or the Ok key (IP230) is pressed. Now the headset micros is used again, but the call can be listened to with the handset.


For an IP200, use

  • config change CODEC0 /headset-spy 6

For an IP200A, IP230, IP240 use

  • config change INCA_DSP /headset-spy 6

To activate the changed config use

  • config activate

To save the changed config permanently use

  • config write

Relevance for IP2x2 and IP241 phones

The simultaneous use of the handset and headset is not possible with IP2x2 or IP241 phones. The used DSP in this phones doesn't provide this functionality.

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