Howto:How to use innovaphone DECT equipment in non-european countries (such as the US)

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The DECT (Digital European Cordless Telephony) standard is an european standard and thus the radio frequencies used are not available for this purpose in many foreign countries.

This is esepcially true for the United States.

When innovaphone DECT equipment shall be used in such countries, special versions of the base stations and handsets must be used.

Contact innovaphone sales for more details


Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP 1200 (single and mulitcell)
  • IP 1500
  • IP 600
  • IP50,IP52

More Information

Problem Details

Non-european countries often use different frequencies for DECT equipment than what is used in Europe. While european DECT uses 1.8GHz (1G8), the US is using 1.92GHz (1920Mhz to 1930Mhz, and 5 carriers).

Also, even in countries which allow to use 1G8 as in Europe, sometimes still special radio equipment must be used. This the case in China and South America for example.

System Requirements


Appropriate base stations, repeaters and handsets must be used in non-european DECT installations. Contact innovaphone sales for order information.

When installing, after connecting a 2G4 basestation the ARI CODE will change from 10xxxxxxxxx to 14xxxxxxxxx, and it is the ARI CODE you must use subscribing the handsets.

**Note: The IP55 and IP56 do not support the 2,4Ghz frequency (No Us support)
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