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Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP21, V4,V5,V6

More Information

The door interface of the IP21 is built for connections between door openers.

Some of the door system are outdated and have been replaced with newer models.

Following there is a short compatibility list and some installations tips.

System Requirements

The IP21 DOOR interface supports only Doorline systems:

  • Tiptel TSS 2
  • Siedle TLM 511
  • Siedle LM 511
  • Siedle TL 352
  • Ritto 5760/…


In the gateway manual (or see attached ZIP file) you will find a table called pin assignment.

DOOR Interface Pinout

This is the relation between symbolic and real pins:

Pin Identifier Description Beschreibung
1 E1 Overhear block Mithörersperre
2 E2 Overhear block Mithörersperre
3 K2 Door-bell button 2 Klingel Eingang 2
4 K1 Door-bell button 1 Klingel Eingang 1
5 K Reference point for bell buttons Bezugspunkt – Klingel
6 11 Door-Opener 1 Türöffner 1
7 53 Door-Opener 1, relay (max. 2A) short circuit with #, open with 0 Türöffner 1, Relais (max. 2A) wird mit # geschlossen und mit 0 geöffnet
8 69
9 + microphone/speaker voltage Spannung für Mikrofon und Lautsprecher
10 2 Speaker Mass Lautsprecher Masse
11 6 Audio In/Micro Hörer/Mikrofon Masse
12 13
13 12 Audio out, Indoor phone voltage Analog Ausgang, Wohntelefon Spannung
14 X Door-Opener 2 Türöffner 2
15 Y Door-Opener 2, relay (max. 2A) short circuit with *, open with 0 Türöffner 2, Relais (max. 2A) wird mit * geschlossen und mit 0 geöffnet

IP21 – backside:

Power – Ethernet – Reset – Tel1 – Tel2  – AUX – DOOR  pin 1 … 15 

A description of the Door Interface could be found in the following schematics. This documents, describing the wiring of several door interfaces like SIEDLE(TM) and others, could be found on the link below as PDF.

Siedle TLM511
Siedle TLM511
Siedle TL352
Siedle TL352
Tiptel TSS2
Tiptel TSS2

Known Problems

The WT mode and non WT mode assignment is different - see schematics or contact therefore.

Doorline Systems with the standard "FTZ 123 D12" are not supported by IP21 gateway.

Known Problems

media:Howto-How to use the IP21 DOOR interface

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