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This short document explains steps necessary to rund the SoftwarePhone as service on Windows NT, 2000 and XP. Note that Windows 98SE and ME do not support services.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • SoftwarePhone, V5.01

More Information

Problem Details

SoftwarePhone is per default being run as 2 processes in user context. Softphone.exe is the executable running the SoftwarePhone application and Softphone_gui.exe is the graphical user interface communicating with the SoftwarePhone through interprocess communication mechanism.

System Requirements

NT platforms are required


1. Open the windows command box (Start > Run > cmd.exe)

2. Change to innovaphone SoftwarePhone installation directory (e.g. c:\programs\innovaphone\SoftwarePhone) and invoke the setup by typing softphone_setup.exe –service

3. Configure the SoftwarePhone as usual and finally install the service by pressing the button ‘Install Service’ on the service page (second tab after application) – this step may as well be done manually through Start > Control panel > System management > Services.

4. Change the service options for the innovaphone SoftwarePhone service and start the service. If not doing this manually you have to reboot your system to affect the installation.

5. Start the SoftwarePhone GUI which than hooks to the running service from the windows command box by typing softphone_gui.exe –service

6. If everything working correctly, add a shortcut ffor the command typed in the windows command box in the previous step to enable easier usage.

Note that the SoftwarePhone can now be used even without any user being logged in, but only if the IP10 (or some other USB telephone is used), since the GUI is not running in userless (or default user) context.

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