Howto:How to use the innovaphone SoftwarePhone with configuration stored in a file instead of the registry

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This short document explains steps necessary to run the SoftwarePhone with the configuration stored in a file instead of the windows registry.

Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP 10

More Information

Problem Details

SoftwarePhone is per default being run as 2 processes in user context. Softphone.exe is the executable running the SoftwarePhone application and Softphone_gui.exe is the graphical user interface communicating with the SoftwarePhone through interprocess communication mechanism.

Per default , only one SoftwarePhone instance may be run by the current user, since the configuration is stored in the registry and there is no user management (or profiles seen on some browsers). With configuration files, more SoftwarePhone instances can be running simultaneously assuming resources like audio devices and USB telephone keyboards are not shared and abailable!

System Requirements

There are no System requirements to store the configuration in a file.


  • Open the windows command box (Start > Run > cmd.exe)
  • Change the innovaphone SoftwarePhone installation directory (e.g. c:\programs\innovaphone\SoftwarePhone) and invoke the setup by typing softphone_setup.exe –file config.conf

Note that filename and extension are free selectable!

  • Configure SoftwarePhone as usual and save the configuration. Note that the configuration is stored to file config.conf.
  • Start SoftwarePhone from the windows command box by typing softphone_gui.exe –file config.conf.
  • If everything working correctly, add a shortcut for the command typed on the windows command box in the previous step to enable easier usage.

Note that calls list and phonebook is still being shared between multiple SoftwarePhone instances. This can be changed by editing the WORKING_DIR entry in the configuration file and pointing to some other directory wherefiles call.xml and phonebook.xml are being written to and read from.

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