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With the possibility to add various DECT Handsets to the innovaphone IP DECT Gateways, you need the IMEI number which is stored in the Handset.

There are several ways to get this information, some are described here.

Applies To This information applies to

  • IP 1500
  • IP 600


More Information

Problem Details

Obtaining the IMEI number of DECT Handsets isn’t easy sometimes, because many manufactures don’t deliver this information to the customer.

To workaround this problem, there are needed several manufacturer depending steps to proceed.

Below you can find some hints for different DECT handsets.



Open the battery tray and lift out the battery. Underneath the battery there is a sticker with the IMEI number in following format:

     00077 xxxxxxx x

The IMEI itself contains only the first to blocks, just delete the last number and put it in the IMEI field. Don’t delete the blank in the middle.

Or press *99984* on the Handset- Displays the serial number

IP52, IP54

The IMEI number is provided by the handset when trying to register at the base station.

Or press *99984* on the Handset

Displays the handset item number, serial number, production week/year, hardware pcs and software no

Astra Office 1xx

After a "longclick 2" a short number will appear, which contains Hex Characters.

Siemens Gigaset

The sequence *#06# will put out Hex Character also.

The Gigaset-Output is an IPUI-Number (International Portable User Idendity), there is a way to tanslate it to IPEI/IMEI:

An example: The IPUI of the Gigaset Handset is 0 01BF 582AB (hex)

IPEI Coding is:


E = EMC (Equipment Manufacturer's Code) in dec. P = PSN (Portable Equipment Serial Number) in dec. C = valuation code, not used in Innovaphone DECT environment

The conversion:

01BF (hex) --> 447 (dec). fill up with leading zeros --> 00447 (EMC)

582AB (hex) --> 361131 (dec).

again: fill up with leading zeros --> 0361131 (PSN)

=> IPEI is 00447 0361131

And, for confusing reasons :-)

IMEI = International Mobile Equipment Identity IPEI = International Portable Equipment Identity

...but don't care about that in realistic scenarios

For those handsets you’ll need another facility to read out the IMEI.

When registering or even trying to do so, all handsets are transferring their individual IMEI number to the basestation. With an IP1500 with some addons or an IP600 you will be able to read out the IMEI by yourself.

The secret is to set the log level on the basestation to 3. The nearly all messages are written in the log.

IMEI logging with an IP1500

First, you will have to get the, which you can find in the ICE Folder on

In this Zipfile, there's a tool called CCFP Admin.

Install it.

You'll also need a PC and a "null modem kabel".

Just connect your PC with the serial cable to the IP1500, and start CCFP Admin.

In the Menubar, set the log level to 3.

Then, just view the Log while you try to register your phone.

It should show up as a failed registering attempt in the log.

But you'll also find, next to the "failed to register" message, the IMEI of this device.

Take this IMEI number and paste it into User configuration und DECT.

IMEI logging with an IP600

With an IP600 it is much easier.

Just connect via IP to your IP600 and open the Java configuration applet.

On the left, expand the tree “DECT Interface” and highlight the GW-DECT entry.

In the right frame there is an pull down menu for the “DECT/ISM loglevel”, set it to 3.

Save and Activate the settings.

Open the Syslog and try to register a handset. The remaining steps are the same as on the IP1500.

IMEI logging with an IP1200

The easiest way.

Just try to subscribe the handset and the IP1200 will accept this subscriptions as "anonymous" subscription.

Using the "magic registration" known from the PBX you cann add the handset simply by dialing the number which it should get.

Be sure to set the option "Allow anonymous" under Configuration->DECT->System and erase any AC code one field above.

If subscribed anonymously, you could also gather the IPEI because under Administration->DECT->Unknown Users you'll find a list of anonymous subscribed users together with the corresponding IPEI.

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