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iQM support Active Standby Scenarios.

Applies To

This information applies to

iQM version 1.65 or higher

More Information

If in a scenario redundancy is configured even the iQM server can follow the switch over in all directions:

• The main PBX fails and the standby PBX goes online

• The standby PBX detect that the main PBX in on again terminate operation, the main PBX goes online again

• The system starts up but the main PBX is down

If the iQM cannot reach the main PBX he will try a login in the standby PBX. If this has success a warning display is anyway switched on in the main iQM server window:


If iQM return to work on them main PBX the warning display is switched of automatically.

For the main and standby PBX in the setup can be defined independent credentials and communication parameters.

Note: If you configure a standby PBX in the setup iQM during start-up will ping also the standby PBX. If no response is received a warning message is displayed and an error log entry is written (“Warning: standby PBX is down!”)

Problem Details

When the SOAP session goes down (or cannot be initialized in case of start-up) iQM tries to switch on a new session on the standby PBX. Please consider that this swap requires some seconds up to 2 minutes, because both parties (iQM and the innovaphone PBX) has to wait and consider time-out. Once the standby session is up the mechanism has to change, because the SOAP session of the standby PBX will not go down just because the main PBX is on again. Therefore in the standby situation iQM checks periodically if the main PBX is on again. If that is detected the SOAP session is forced down and iQM will try to start up a new one on the main PBX. Also his operation requires time, some second up to one minute.


To switch on/off standby operation in general just set/clear the field “Standby PBX -IP adr.” in the setup.

Known Problems

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