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From Build 80068 on the iQM supports LDAP name resolution. Please note the "Applies to" chapter!

The iQM Agent views shows automatically the names in the Waiting Queue, after answering the call near the waiting time and number of the caller and in the abandoned call list.

The following screenshot shows an example:

IQM LD01.png

Applies to

The LDAP feature requires the innovaphone PBX Version 11 or higher.

We tested also V10, seem to work, but no support will be given.

The myPBX must be enabled in the innovaphone PBX but no myPBX license is required.

iQM Server and iQM Agent must be at least at Build 80068.

This Build works also on older PBX Versions without name resolution.

On the PC where the iQM Server is running an IE must be installed.

This feature is depreciated form build 80266 on. Use myApps or myPBX for resolving Names instead.

Problem details

The iQM Server invokes one single LDAP query each time a call reach the Waiting queue. All iQM clients are served from the iQM Server with the name and number information. Therefore no particular extra workload is expected if this feature is on and the workload will not rise if there are many Agents.

The feature can be switched on and off in the iQM server.

There is no particular client setup, if the iQM server has a name he will distribute this information automatically and the client software will display the name near the number.


The feature is switched on and off setting in the iQM server the password of the iQM Queue or not.

Enable in the PBX the myPBX: menu PBX/Config, on the left hand select “myPBX” and flag “Enable”.

Open the Objects in the PBX and select your waiting Queue object. Select the “+” under “Phones” and open the Phone setup. Select the item “Directories” and setup the LDAP Query parameter as for a normal Phone set.

The following picture shows the PBX menu of the Queue 88 and the opened Phone config setup.

IQM LD02.png

Assign in the PBX to the Waiting Queue object a Password (1234 for example).

Now start the iQM server, open the iQM setup and enter this password.

The following picture shows the iQM Queue setup in the PBX on the left side and the iQM Setup on the right one:

IQM LD03.png

Close the iQM setup and restart the application.

Enhanced Queue display

Build 80079 or higher.

Some customers has the problem that the WQ window shows just about 8 calls, if more calls are in the queue a scroll bar automatically appears. So all calls can be monitored, but imagine the situation that many calls are in a queue and the operator has to see at a glance all numbers. This is typically for emergency applications: if a major event occurs many people calls and the emergency operator will not be able to handle all the calls. But if for example in a bunch of calls a doctor is calling then this this call must be answered with priority.

The size of the WQ window can be switched from short (standard) to long. The height depends on the monitor. The height of the WQ window will be adapted to the monitor size in the moment of switching from standard to long.

So if a customer has two monitor he must first bring the WQ window to the screen where is should be displayed and then enlarge it. The large WQ window dock automatically on the right of the screen. If there is jet docked another application (the myPBX for example) the docking will be without cover this application. If the WQ window is in the primary display it will dock on that display, if it is on the secondary display it will dock there.

Please note that just a primary and a secondary monitor is supported, an eventual 3rt monitor is not detected.

The WQ window can also be displayed in a large or small width.

The two keys for toggle docking and width are displayed on the left corner of the WQ window.

IQM LD05.png

Known problems

  • Name resolution is not done on calls the 2nd WQ of the single iQM.
  • Name resolution is not shown in the agent list of the iQM Agent and iQM Server.
  • If a call in the Queue is answered very quick (faster than the LDAP resolution requires) just the number will be displayed.
  • LDAP actually is possible only if the iQM is running in foreground (not if working as a service)
  • No LDAP resolution for calls outside the WQ (incoming or outgoing). On the other hand you have a phone set or myPBX...
  • LDAP name resolution will fail in PBX if a send Number not equal to the number of the extension is set in the PBX User Setup (General/Send Number).
  • Note: remember that in the Queue has been registered; therefore put the name of the Queue in the Hardware ID field (PBX/queue/general). Missing hardwareID will lead to a scipt error.

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