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From a iQM Agent the iQM server can be controlled and monitored.

The differences between piloting the iQM server directly and using an Agent client to do so are small.

The feature was introduced because if an iQMserver works as a service no user Interface is shown. But the remote control works also if the iQM server is running normally in foreground on a user.

If you like to know how, here it is:


Applies To

This information applies to

This information applies to iQM Server iQM Agent Build 80071 and later.

More Information

An Agent in all versions can display near all counters of the iQM Server, to do this in the Agent Setup must be switched on “Work as Dashboard”. In this mode is displayed not just the Dashboard (Tab “GR”) but also the historic counters (Tab “ST-CNT”) and the real time counters (Tab “RT-CNT”) of the iQM server.

From this build on in the Setup of the Agent also the option “Work as iQM Admin” can be selected.


If selected the Dashboard shows also the Tab “iQM” where additional counters are shown and all keys on a iQM Server can be pressed from remote.

Note: If “Work as iQM Admin” is checked also the “Work as Dashboard” is selected automatically.

In theory there is just on Administrator in a system and therefore just one Agent should be switch on that option. If more Agents do so the behaviour is like more people in front of a server and all presses some buttons, the result will be soon unpredictable. The system anyway will not forbid this operational mode.

The following picture shows a typical screen of the iQM interface:


The stop button in the example is displayed only if the iQM Server was started with a path command option. This is typical for operation as a service, see relative article.

Please note that some counters like the Excel one are visible just if that feature is running (same like on the iQM server).

The Mail button in the server is in the “last hour” container while the Reset key is in the “Reset” container of the iQM server.

The reaction between a keystroke and the feedback is not very quick; anyway what you see is the answer from the iQM Server and not a local feedback.

iQM Server status

In this container are displayed also additional messages (not shown in the picture), for example error- and status messages.

If there is the stop button the server can be shut down from remote. This is essential if the iQM Server works as a service because just in this mode all counters are saved and a controlled abort is possible.

Once down the Agent display will show that status like this:


and recover automatically when the serve is up again (up to 5 cycles, then the iQM Agent must be started again, a relative message will advise you).


Setting the threshold is equal than on the server. If a Threshold is on a red frame is displayed (in the example on “Time”), if the Service is off a white one (in the example on “Abandon”) and if in alarm the entire button is red (in the example “Calls”).

As music an external Wave file can be selected in the Setup (no internal resource) and remember that like on then server also on the Agent the file must be a native PCM wave file (no G.711 Container or mp3). Quitting the Alarm the reproduction on the local PC sound will we interrupted, if also in the iQM Server a PC sound is defined also that reproduction will be stopped.

On the server it is possible just quit the audio e not the alarm itself (an additional button “mute” appears), this was not implemented on the Agent.

Known Problems

The iQM interface is in English.

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