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innovaphone does some fair amount of SIP provider testing. The results are published on this wiki (see on the side bar to the left). Here is how to provide the required support to convince us to add your SIP trunk to the list.

Overall Description

SIP provider testing has some phases:

  • SIP trunk testing
innovaphone performs some testing on a SIP trunk according to our test plans. In this phase, we will detect the provider capabilities and the required configuration to run the provider with innovaphone gear
  • SIP trunk profile generation
innovaphone creates a so-called SIP provider profile. This is a simplified UI that allows users to configure a SIP trunk for use with innovaphone gear easily. The profile is added to the firmware in the next available firmware hotfix
  • nightly testing
the SIP provider test plan is executed against the SIP trunk in a regular fashion using the then-latest firmware version. This ensures that both our firmware and the SIP provider stay compatible. When our test plans are enhanced, a SIP provider may be subject to enhanced testing too. These tests are carried out in a recurring fashion until further notice


In order for innovaphone to carry out the tests in all phases explained above, the SIP provider must provide a certain level of support

  • We need an account for each SIP trunk product the SIP provider offers
if multiple products are offered by the provider (e.g. business vs. end-user versions of the service), we will treat them as separate SIP trunks
if the provider supports multiple countries, we need separate test accounts if the configuration for the various countries differ in any way
  • the SIP trunk service must be usable from innovaphone's premises using innovaphone's internet access
we can not support SIP trunks that require a dedicated/special internet access
  • this SIP trunk account must remain valid and usable until further notice
when the account is terminated, further testing of the SIP trunk will be seized and the provider profile will be removed from the firmware
  • phone calls required for testing must be free
innovaphone can not accept any charges associated with the tested SIP trunk account for registration and/or calls. During SIP trunk testing, we will only perform calls to
  • either extensions of the same account (that is, loopback calls out from the provided account and straight back to another extension of the same account),
  • to fixed line numbers owned by innovaphone (currently +49 7031 73009 x) or
  • to German mobile phone numbers starting with the prefix +49 17 x
It is REQUIRED for the provider to restrict calls to only such numbers. It is recommended that the provider configures a defined monthly abuse-limit for the SIP-account. Additionally the provider must restrict registration source to innovaphones IP-Addresses. The aforementioned requirements should be implemented by the provider. innovaphone will not take responsibility for any costs created by call fraud.
  • it's required to be able to perform up to 4 simultaneous calls with the SIP test account
  • the account must provide at least 10 DDI numbers (that is, a 1 or more digit number block, such as xxxx-0 to xxxx-9)
we can not support trunks with MSN at this time
  • In order to create a proper profile we need an exact copy of the accompanying material the SIP trunk provider will make available to his customers
this mainly serves to make sure we use the same terminology the end-customer will find in his material
  • if the SIP trunk product supports a number of options (such as e.g. support for encryption), the provider needs to define one set of options. The provided account must be configured according to this set and we need to know the method which allows the end customer to order this specific configuration

General Trunk Characteristics

  • we prefer trunks which do support clip no screening (that is, which allow to send foreign calling party numbers)
  • T.38 fax should be supported in the provider's PSTN gateways


If you think your SIP trunk product should be part of innovaphone's tested SIP provider portfolio, contact and provide the information listed under Requirements.

Partner Testing

Previously, innovaphone has accepted submissions of SIP trunk test reports created by third parties (innovaphone partners, carriers) if the testing complies with the innovaphone test plans. This is still possible, but not recommended any further.

Known Problems

SIP providers are accepted for testing on innovaphone's own discretion.