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Handling of DSS1 AOC (advice of charge) in innovaphone Gateways depends on call routing

Applies To

This information applies to

  • All innovaphone gateways and PBX platforms

All builds since version 5.

More Information

Problem Details

DSS1 (Euro-ISDN, E-DSS1) advice of charge information elements (AOC-x) are transparently passed through innovaphone gateways when a call is routed through the gateway routing component (aka “Relay”). However, when a call is routed through the PBX, AOC information gets lost.

When for example an innovaphone gateways is tied in to the trunk line of a legacy PBX, AOC is passed from the carrier’s trunk line to the PBX. However, when the call is routed through the PBX, then AOC information will be stripped. Note that this limitation is in the PBX, not the IP / H.323 protocol. That is, if a call is passed from one gateway to the other via IP, AOC is retained.

As a result, PBX CDRs never include AOC information.

Please note that AOC is only included in gateway CDRs created on the gateway that has the ISDN interface the AOC originates from. As a result, when you send calls from ISDN to another gateway via H.323, the AOC will only be shown in the CDRs created in source gateway.


If AOC is critical, do not route calls through the innovaphone PBX.


Above description applies to ISDN AOCs only. Currently (V11, December 2015) there's no implementation on SIP AOCs neither any interworking between ISDN and SIP AOCs is possible.