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Applies To

This information applies to

  • V7
  • innovaphone PBX

More Information

If a call is answered from a phone and the caller ask to be recalled from a colleague - the workload becomes difficult!

Typically this is asked from external callers (with a loooong number) witch for example did a direct in dialling but the extension was busy or not manned and so the call was answered from the “operator” or picket up from somebody. The “normal” old fashioned way to handle this is to note the number and then talk to the requested colleague. The result: he must also note the number manually on the paper and then type it in the phone keypad. The newer way is to send e-mail or similar, but at the end also not really good, because also in this way the number has to be typed manually. Of course you can send a Message on the phone of the colleague, but unfortunately also in this case you have to type in the number and if the colleague picks up the message he will call you (and not the external number). If you are a happy user of a unified communication solution those type of problems are (hopefully) solved; but not all customer has such a solution running. On top even in this case you need to touch the PC; it would be nice to have an integrated solution just using the phone sets.

This small XML using innovaphone instant messaging technology solve this problem in a smart and integrated way, it is not necessary retype the (long) number of the caller and the remote phone can recall immediately. Here is how:

Problem Details

If a external caller ask you that he will be called back from a extension just press the redial key on the phone (or a key with the recording feature on) and type in the extension number. At this point you hear a notification “bing” that advice you that the system has accepted the message and the extension you typed in is valid. If the extension is not valid (no notification bing) you can press twice the redial key and try again. During all this you will be continuously connected with the caller. When the call is terminated the extension will receive a message where in the “from” field will be the number of the external caller and in the text area the originator of the message is displayed:


In the example the external caller was 3472619287 and the originator of the message the extension 37. If you pick up the receiver immediately you will be connected with the caller, after a timeout you will see that there is a message on your phone and you will find the message in the inbound call list (type "R" or access using "menu") and you can also call the external number. Please note that after 60 seconds the notification will be send to the extension even if the conversation between the caller and you is still on (rare situation, normally a caller hangs up after the advice that he will be called back).


This feature requires a innovaphone Software V7 and terminal with V7. Please note that the notification can be started also form a V6 terminal (IP200 "non A" with V6), but the message can be displayed only to terminals with V7.


  • download the package from our download site and install the msi file.
  • copy all files from the installation folder in a directory of the CF card


Create a VM object witch point to the XML. This VM object of course will have a number. Activate voice recording on the set witch should do the notification (the operator), mode manual and set as number the VM object. Done.

Known Problems

No DECT, no third party fixed phones, no analogue sets can use this feature. Voice recording is not possible to the set witch is using the notification feature.


  • Download the complete file package of scripts and files described in this article.