Howto:Integration with AEQ Systel IP codecs for Radio and Television Station

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This document describes how to configuring Innovaphone PBX to work with AEQ Systel IP codecs.

The Systel IP is an SIP telephone hybrids system produced by AEQ company that can be used inside Radio and Television Stations.

For more information about this product see

Applies To

This information applies to

  • Innovaphone PBX V9 hotfix 24 or higher
  • V10 Service Release 8 or higher
  • V11r2 Service Release 9 or higher
  • AEQ Systel IP

Problem Details

The Systel IP needs to communicate using SIP to an external PBX or provider.

Normally Innovaphone PBX system sends the c "connection information" only at media level. In this case we will be affected to one way audio.

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The issue can be easely fixed using the interop tweak /c-line-at-session-level

This tweak can be used for clients not fully compliant to RFC-4566 that do not read RTP address from media description.

http://<your_innovaphone_pbx_url>/!config add SIP /c-line-at-session-level
http://<your_innovaphone_pbx_url>/!config write
http://<your_innovaphone_pbx_url>/!config activate


You can troubleshooting SIP problems using Innovaphone RPCAP features in conjunction with wireshark.

Known issues

The AEQ SIP stack currently cannot support ICE and encryption. A SIP INVITE with these attributes will be rejected with a 400 bad request reply.

To avoid this case you can use old Innovaphone SIP stack like V9. In this case you must consider all security aspect related to this implementation.