Howto:LLDP on Juniper EX Switches for innovaphone devices

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Applies To

This information applies to

  • innovaphone device V10

More Information

Problem Details

It is often useful to configure a separate VLAN for the use with VoIP devices. You can do that

  • by hand
  • configuring a vendor-specific DHCP option
  • or (since v10) by configuring LLDP on your switching device

This article describes how to do that with an Juniper EX switch

System Requirements

  • innovaphone device V10
  • LLDP capable switch (Juniper EX4200 in this case)


You have two separate VLANs:

  • Clients (VLAN-ID 2)
  • VoIP (VLAN-ID 4)

The goal is that the VoIP devices are using vlan VoIP (ID 4) and normal clients are using vlan VoIP (ID 2) on the same switch port.

With Juniper switches you can do this with an interface range including the ports which are used for the clients and VoIP phones.

   interface-range LLDPorts {
       member-range ge-0/0/0 to ge-0/0/23;
       unit 0 {
           family ethernet-switching {
               port-mode access;
               vlan {
                   members Clients;

Make sure, that you define an access port only with the Client VLAN untagged. Now you have to configure the two vlans used for the phones and clients:

  vlans {
      Clients {
          vlan-id 2;
      VoIP {
          vlan-id 4;

Then you have to define the lldp-med protocol on the ports which you would like to use with your phones and clients (in that case is is the above defines interface-range LLDPPorts, but you can also specify any other port)

  protocols {
      lldp-med {
          interface LLDPorts;

At last you have to define which voip Vlan you would like to use on these ports:

  ethernet-switching-options {
      voip {
          interface LLDPorts {
              vlan VoIP;
              forwarding-class assured-forwarding;

After an reboot you should check the chosen VLAN on your phone: