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Product Name

Mida Billing

Certification Status

Image:Recprod.PNG The tests for this product have been completed and it has been approved as a recommended product (Certification document).

Testing of this product has been finalized December 1st, 2007.



  • Network Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Professional Billing with fully featured and flexible reporting
  • Multi Level organization Management





Mida Billing is one product of the powerful Mida i-Suite. Mida i-Suite is an integrated software Framework that provides Value Added Services capable to enhance Telephone Voice Applications performances. The following Mida i-Suite products have been certified in the Innovaphone environment: Mida Billing, Mida VoiceAttendant, MidaRec, MidaQueueManager, MidaBilling. Please refer to the related Wiky article for more information on the other Mida products.

Mida Billing is a powerful tool for Troubleshooting and Billing applications in VoIP networks. It collects troubleshooting and billing information from CDRs created by the Innovaphone phones. Regularly the system collects CDRs, store the interesting data in the Data Base and then analyze them thanks to the Advanced Report Engine.

Mida i-Suite most innovative product is the Network Status & Basic Billing NS&BB, which gives network experts an easy to use and powerful tool for troubleshooting VoIP networks, moreover providing basic billing information. It provides diagnostic data (jitter, delay, packet loss) and basic Billing information. Flexible reports are available, so that any technicians may find in the fastest way the Troubleshooting information he needs for fixing in an efficient and effective way all network problems.

While being a powerful Troubleshooting tool, Mida Billing is also a top of the art product for billing Applications. Based on a modular and open architecture, Mida Billing provides a fully featured and flexible set of Billing Documentation, both for single entities and for multi site – multi organizations companies.

Thanks to the professional report engine (Crystal Reports, currently Business Object XI is used) any type of report may be created; any scheduled action may be configured using the easy to use WEB interface. Additionally the system may send the requested report via email to any person in the organization: for example the supervisor may check his offices billing reports every month, due to the fact that the system automatically create the report and send it to him via email.

Two levels of aggregation are present for billing information: Cost Center and Divisions. This way the system make sure that only people with the right authorization level may analyze billing data: the Supervisor of Cost Centers for each cost center, the Supervisor of the Division for the Cost Centers that are part of his Division. Moreover any customer need a different level of data aggregation in its reports, and Mida Billing Advanced reporting allows creating the report they need.

Easy to use WEB interface is available for system Configuration and Administration.

Competitive Analysis

MidaBilling is a powerful Network Analysis tool, which will make fast and effective the IP Network installation and trouble shooting operations. Unique among similar tools, MidaBilling is always collecting Network Diagnostic Information. When a problem occurs, troubleshooting is very easy by analyzing network data collected before, during the time and after the problems happened

More than that, Mida Billing is one of the top Billing solutions available, using the top of the art technologies for its architecture, such as in DataBase and in Reports Engine tools.


  • simple to configure, tested version is suitable for deployments involving a single voice gateways

For a detailed analysis of the product please have a look at the Mida i-Suite - Mida Solutions - Testreport.


Mida Billing is a unique application, whith a very aggressive price compared to similar high technology solutions.

Mida Billing Troubleshooting option, NS&BB, is available for a unique pricing: only 280€ for systems up to 200 users! This way it may be part of any Innovaphone PBX project, so making more efficient and fast the deployment of your customer VoIP networks, in the same time improving customer satisfaction and system reliability.

Mida Billing Advanced Option is also available at a very aggressive price, starting from less than 3K€ (end user price). Licencing scheme is based on users number, and pricing may change depending on different configurations or on additional features that may be requested.


Marco Cortese
Mida Solutions
via Vigonovese, 115
35127, Padova
Tel: +39 049 760 185 / +39 049 762 9752
Fax: +39 049 870 8721
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