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Product Name

K-Businesscom GmbH PBX-Designer

Certification Status

Referralprod.PNGThis App is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

This App has been listed November 2022.


VoIP system management products


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K-Businesscom (KBC; formerly Kapsch BusinessCom) is a leading ICT solution and service provider and digitalization partner.
The 130-year history of the Kapsch Group and the many years of experience as a market leader for cloud transformation, network solutions, collaboration, data center infrastructure, security and managed services, combined with the technologies and services of numerous international manufacturers, form the basis for our innovative strength.
KBC Germany has established itself in particular in the areas of IT security, intelligent network, directional radio, managed services and VoIP. Specially developed cloud solutions tailored to channel partners, carriers, utilities and enterprise customers are operated by KBC and offered as whitelabel Made-in-Germany solutions.

K-Businesscom GmbH - About us


The PBX-Designer for innovaphone is a PBX management application that provides an easy and graphical user interface, without the need to use the innovaphone PBX-Manager app.
The app supports both master and master/standby scenarios with full replication.
The integrated Call Flow Designer allows the user to graphically design call flows. Individual flows can be created and each step can be annotated. The complex nesting and integration of announcements, DTMF functions, agents, call forwarding or timers are available in a simplified way as well as the integration of a voicemail box. However, a reference to further flows is possible.

About this application
PBX-Designer Highlights (Video)


  • Fax server settings
  • Group Fax
  • Voicemail setting
  • Group Voicemail
  • Clip-no-screening
  • Audio files (Upload and convert offline, record via the website, play and download)
  • Define pickup groups and program function keys
  • Define executive users and coworkers and program function keys
  • Mananage time switches more easily
  • Configure Exchange sync
  • Configure your waiting music
  • Call Flow Designer
  • User Management (including user-based license management, also as import)

The integrated Call Flow Designer allows the user to graphically design call flows. Individual flows can be created and each step can be annotated. The complex nesting and integration of announcements, DTMF functions, agents, call forwarding or timers are available in a simplified way as well as the integration of a voicemail box. However, a reference to further flows is possible.


When installing the PBX-Designer, you agree to install and use the open source product ffmpeg.
The ffmpeg application is installed when you install the application and is used for audio conversion in the application.

The number of licenses required is dependent on the number of ports you have licensed in your PBX:

Lic | Ports
1 | ≤ 20
2 | ≤ 40
3 | ≤ 70
4 | ≤ 100
+1 | every next 100

Example 1: If you have 13 PBX-Port licenses installed, you will need 1 service licenses.
Example 2: If you have 101 PBX-Port licenses installed, you will need 5 service licenses.

The main license includes the following features:

  • pickup groups
  • boss/secretary group
  • call flow designer
  • audio files
  • time switch
  • exchange sync
  • call transfer
  • music on hold
  • fax server settings
  • group Fax
  • voicemail settings
  • group voicemail

Other and thus restricted licenses are also available.
[AUDIO] version includes only: audio files / music on hold
[GROUP] version includes only: pickup groups / boss/secretary group
[USER] version includes only: user management (including user-based license management and clip-no-screening)



The licenses are purchased for a limited time and receive a discount according to the following list per license:
(All prices indicated are net prices)

[MAIN] version

1 year = € 80
2 years = € 140
3 years = € 180

[AUDIO] version

1 year = € 20
2 years = € 35
3 years = € 45

[GROUP] version

1 year = € 20
2 years = € 35
3 years = € 45

[USER] version

1 year = € 30
2 years = € 55
3 years = € 70


Resellers we approve a discount for their customers. Prices on request.

Cloud - with own license server

For cloud operators please see Cloud-Designer and Cloud-Manager


Compatible innovaphone firmware versions

  • innovaphone V13r2
  • innovaphone V13r3
  • innovaphone V14r1

Application versions used for interop testing

K-Businesscom PBX-Designer 13r2 1001 final
innovaphone V13r1sr41
innovaphone V13r2sr16
innovaphone V13r3srbeta5

K-Businesscom PBX-Designer 13r2 1007 final
innovaphone V13r3srbeta5
innovaphone V13r3final

K-Businesscom PBX-Designer 13r2 1243 sr1
innovaphone V13r2sr20
innovaphone V13r3sr1
K-Businesscom PBX-Designer 13r3 240416 sr13
innovaphone V13r2sr20
innovaphone V14r1sr2

Release Notes

13r2 1001 final
final version
13r2 1007 final
troubleshooting on windows based systems
13r2 1243 sr1
Feature - User management
Bugfix - Very slow and hangs up on large PBXs
Bugfix - The Exchange Sync page showed an incorrect Master PBX name
Bugfix - Call Flow ACD state response timeout was not saved
13r2 1250 sr2
Bugfix - The list of time switches would sometimes be shown empty after adding or deleting a time switch
Bugfix - The PBX-Designer would hang on any page requiring users when the total number of users was a multiple of 50
13r2 1270 sr3
Bugfix - The user promoted to executive in a B/S group would lose its apps and license settings
Bugfix - The pickup group with a single user would not be shown when the user didn’t have a valid label
13r2 230606 sr4
Feature - edit fax servers
Feature - edit voicemails
Feature - create, edit and delete group faxes
Feature - create, edit and delete group voicemails
Feature - configure flexible CLNS (clip-no-screening) via the advanced tab when editing or creating a user
Feature - Provisioning codes can be requested for users given that the proper domains are configured
Bugfix - Licenses set by a template are now showing on the license tab of a user (License template)
Bugfix - A user object is updated properly when part of multiple groups. (Primary user - ACD group)
13r2 23061 sr5
Bugfix - initialization of fax server object when editing a fax group
Bugfix - Remove the ‘resource’ field from the fax server form
Bugfix - external number validation on the group fax form
Bugfix - dropdown of the apps tab on user management is always disabled
Bugfix - external number validation on the fax server form
13r2 230804 sr6
Feature - Support for master-slave with full replication
Bugfix - adding a user to a group fax
Bugfix - loss of app permissions when adding the user to a group voicemail or group fax
13r3 231030 sr7
Feature - Add an overview of the available and used licenses to the dashboard
Feature - Users can now be imported in bulk via a CSV file
Feature - Users can now be hidden from LDAP via user management.
Feature - User passwords are now validated according to the PBX’s password policy
Feature - Users are no longer location locked when selecting a fax server during group fax creation
Improvement - Improved feedback on errors while adding or editing a user, a group fax or a group voicemail
Improvement - The provisioning code is now shown in groups of three digits
Bugfix - saving users when user forking is enabled
Bugfix - app would get stuck at boot on PBX instances with lots of apps installed by upgrading to the latest innovaphone SDK
Bugfix - name fields of a user not accepting values containing digits
Bugfix - generating a provisioning code
Bugfix - name field of group fax not accepting values containing digits
Bugfix - the app would get stuck during a cache reload
Bugfix - trying to save a group fax with links to users with certain properties set
Bugfix - license counting
Bugfix - filtering out critical objects (only critical user objects should be ignored)
Bugfix - External resource destination is now set for group fax objects (for inno 13r3 and up)
13r3 231117 sr8
Improvement - Voicemail objects now reject external calls by default
Bugfix - saving group voicemails that caused a fatal error on the PBX causing it to reboot
Bugfix - saving changes to a user that caused a user to lose the voicemail group app permission
Bugfix - displaying “CLIP no screening” setting as a number of a user
Bugfix - saving a user’s response timeout
13r3 231215 sr9
Bugfix - error response for group fax create and update messages and show detailed error message to user
Bugfix - the app would get stuck when saving forms (call flow, call transfer) containing certain numeric fields (timeouts)
13r3 240226 sr10
Bugfix - displaying the state of 2FA
Bugfix - encoding during time switch import
Bugfix - importing users in Firefox
Bugfix - persisting email during bulk user import
Bugfix - saving response timeout in Call Flow’s ACD state
13r3 240228 sr11
Feature - Add last name and long name to user import CSV template
Bugfix - time switch (boolean) name changes
13r3 240308 sr12
Bugfix - import of users with same number on different location
Bugfix - password got lost when saving a user
Bugfix - long name was shown as the username on the user form during editing
Improvement - Dropped support for long name from the user import (column &n is removed)
13r3 240416 sr13
Bugfix - dropdown for location on group fax, group voicemail and voicemail page
Bugfix - auto select first available template when creating a new user
Bugfix - set default location and template only when none provided
Bugfix - loss of licenses when saving a user
Bugfix - special characters in audio recordings
Bugfix - encoding when exporting a time switch
Bugfix - dropdown of custom audio on music on hold page
Bugfix - Next state timeout in the announcement state (call flow) now accepts 0 (zero)
Bugfix - set default response timeout of the announcement state to 0 (zero)
Bugfix - navigation after creating or editing a user
Bugfix - app would get stuck on certain pages after all users were deleted
Bugfix - making audio recordings
Bugfix - filename validation for audio recordings
Bugfix - add button being disabled on the audio files page
Bugfix - giving a unique identifier to audio files
Bugfix - saving changes after editing a user
Bugfix - download button of bulk provisioning codes also triggers the mail app to open with a draft email
Bugfix - uploading a time switch
Feature - Add ‘share by email’ action when creating a provisioning code for an individual user
Feature - Add filter and diversion filter to user import CSV template
Feature - Add DECT settings to the user form
Feature - Show all software licenses in a user’s license tab
Feature - Synchronize the user’s hardware ID and username to maintain DECT phone functionality
Feature - Allow user to generate provisioning codes in bulk
Feature - The user’s phone number is now prefixed with the user’s location extension number
Feature - Users are prompted to send an email when a new user is created and the email address is filled in
Improvement - User dropdown on group fax and group voicemail is now ordered alphabetically
Improvement - Do not copy DECT settings when duplicating a user
Improvement - Preserve search filter when navigating away from the user management page
Improvement - Allow user to quickly clear the search field on the user management page
Improvement Automatically select the first available template when a node is selected
Improvement - Ringback announcement is left empty when ‘use ringback’ is used in an announcement (call flows)
Improvement - Allow user to have the system generate a random password when creating a new user (also works for user imports when password field is left empty)
Improvement - Reset the join key settings when switching between dynamic/static in the ACD state of a call flow
Improvement - Alert timeout is left empty when a dial tone is selected in an announcement (call flows)


The following functions will be implemented in the next versions:

  • extended dashboard
  • location management (node)
  • call forwarding incl. conditions
  • SIP trunks
  • template management


Install the PBX-Designer via the App Store

Possibly you’ll have to go to AP Manager > App Store.
Search and install the newest K-Businesscom PBX-Designer:
K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-install 1.png

K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-install 2.png

Add an App instance

Select the newly installed App on the left of the screen, then click the Add button.
K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-add instance 1.png

Fill in PBX-Designer as Name, your PBX domain as Domain and both Passwords fields.
The other fields (Webserver path, Database name & user) are automatically generated, and should not be modified. Click Save to create the instance. K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-add instance 2.png

Start PBX-Designer instance

The PBX-Designer app is already started automatically. Now the instance you just created, should be started as well.

First click on PBX-Designer on the left (Installed apps), then click on the instance to make the row turn blue. Now click on the Start-button.
K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-start instance 1.png

Create the PBX-Designer App object via the PBX Manager

Close AP Manager and open PBX Manager:
Click on the “AP PBX-Designer” icon and click on the green “Create the object now” button.
K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-create object 1.png

The successful creation of the object is signaled.
K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-create object 2.png

Give users access to PBX-Designer via templates

Click on Templates inside the PBX Manager, and enable the PBX-Designer app for the correct template (typically Config Admin).
K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-template access 1.png

Now the PBX-Designer app is ready to be used by all users with the Config Admin template, by clicking on the 9- squares icon in the lower-right corner.

License activation

The app can now be used.
The entire content can be viewed and tested.
However, a license is required to transfer the settings to the PBX.
After the start, you will see in the dashboard, alternatively in the menu under "License") notes which information is required for a license. You can start an email from the app and fill in the missing information to trigger an order.
K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-licensing 1.png

After ordering you will receive a file with your desired license key.
You have to activate it as follows:
In the app, go to the menu "License - License information".
Click on the "Upload license file" button.
Select the license file you have received. Only after accepting the conditions and EULA you have the possibility to upload the file.

K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-licensing 2.png

After the successful upload you will see the activated license.
K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-licensing 3.png


It is important to us to achieve the highest possible usability, which makes an explanation of the functions unnecessary.
Unfortunately, this does not always succeed.
Here you can find a video showing the setup of the different app functions step-by-step.
PBX-Designer HowTo (Video)

The import template is based on innovaphone's standard CSV UFT-8 format, but without group functions.

User Import

In addition, the assignment of all licenses available via innovaphone is enabled.
An additional column is added for this purpose.
For innovaphone system licenses (without app in name) in format "lic/<innovaphone license name>".
For all other licenses available via innovaphone in the format "lic/+<innovaphone license name>".
K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-user license.JPG
The user then receives the assignment of the license by entering true or 1 in the field.

Here is an example:
The license "UC" is added by a column named "lic/UC".
The "App(innovaphone-chat)" license is added by a column with the name "lic/+chat".
K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-import table.JPG

Example File: File:PBX-Designer


If something goes wrong, a logfile is required to analyze the problem.
Logging must be enabled in two steps: first on the app, then on the instance.
Go to AP Manager, and select PBX-Designer on the left under Installed apps. Now directly click Diagnostics (without selecting an instance first).
Enable logging and click Save.
K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-logging 1.png
Now select the PBX-Designer instance (the complete row turns blue when selected), and again click the Diagnostics button.
At least select the App trace flag (depending on the problem), and Save.
K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-logging 2.png
Now reproduce the problem.
The logfile can be visualized via the Display link, or downloaded via the Save link.
K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-logging 3.png

Known issues

Manual installation

If there are error messages in the application regarding access to other applications, or if the PBX object was not created automatically via the described path, some shares may be missing.
For this, please compare the settings of the PBX Designer object via the Admin-Ui with the following screenshots:



Calendar app

If the calendar app is not connected. K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-calendar error.png
Please check, if the calendar apps are installed correctly. K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-calendarapp 1.png

K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-calendarapp 2.png

Audio conversion on ARM devices

On devices with an ARM chipset, there may be a high CPU load due to the use of audio conversion.
This will affect the overall PBX functionality.
For files larger than 2 megabytes, we therefore recommend a workaround on devices with low CPU performance.

  1. Convert your mp3 or wav audio file using the innovaphone Audio Converter tool (
    • Click on Choose File and open the file you want to convert
    • Click Convert
    • Once the audio file is converted, your browser will start the download of a zip containing the different codecs
  2. Unarchive the zip containing all the different codecs
  3. Open the Files app on your PBX
  4. Locate and open the kdadmin folder K-Businesscom-PBX-Designer-Files.png
  5. Drag and drop the original audio file (mp3 or wav) into the kdadmin folder
  6. Drag and drop the contents of the unarchived zip file containing the different codecs into the kdadmin folder
  7. Give the PBX-Designer a moment to detect the new audio files
  8. Open the PBX-Designer app and find your new audio file on the Audio Files page under System Settings

Data synchronization

When using the PBX-Designer and the AdminUI at the same time, there may be problems in synchronizing the data. Since both apps are accessing the PBX at this moment, one of the two apps may display an out-of-date status of information.
To avoid errors, both apps should not be used at the same time.
If information is not visible in the PBX-Designer, this could be due to this. Restarting the PBX-Designer will re-read the information from the PBX.


K-Businesscom GmbH
Sperberweg 8
41468 Neuss Germany
Tel: +49 (2131) 9526 828
Fax: +49 (2131) 9526 800