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[edit] Product Name

MediaRunway Pinboard

[edit] Certification Status

Image:Referralprod.PNGThis App is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

This App has been listed August 2022.

[edit] Category

Computer Telephony Integration and Unified Messaging / Unified Communication

[edit] Vendor

MediaRunway is an ITC enterprise that provides its customers with contemporary IT services in all areas - Your business, our solution.

MediaRunway - About us

[edit] Description


Pinboard can replace the information board for notices in the company and saves eternal scrolling in chat histories. If you need or want to publish information to all users, this is the app for you. You can differentiate between long-term important information and short-term information by selecting an expiration date. In addition, this prevents the "eternal" hanging of obsolete information, e.g. in case of a change of responsibility, on the company information board.

MediaRunway - About this application

[edit] Functions

Here you see how to create an Pinboard post. The user has creator rights:


Here you see the created post in the Pinboard app, when the user has no creator rights:


[edit] Licensing

License: Free

[edit] Prerequisites

None (at least knowledge about installing an App and adding the App Object for the users and the App Object for the admin)

[edit] Versions

[edit] Compatible innovaphone firmware versions

  • MediaRunway Pinboard 1.0 (132xxx)
    • innovaphone V13r2
    • innovaphone V13r3

[edit] Application versions used for interop testing

  • MediaRunway Pinboard 1.0 (132xxx)
    • innovaphone IPVA V13r2 sr12
    • innovaphone IPVA V13r2 sr18
    • innovaphone IPVA V13r2 sr19
    • innovaphone IPVA V13r3 final
    • innovaphone IPVA V13r3 sr1

[edit] Configuration

Install the App and add the App Object for user and admin. The steps of the installation process are the same as described in this article "Callback - Install App from App Store" only with different names.

Go to the administration area of the app and mark which users are allowed to post new entries to the pinboard. All others who have gained access to the app can consume this information.

Here you see how you can give a user the creator rights, in the Pinboard admin app (if the user is green checked, then the user has creator rights). It is possible, that more then one user has creator rights:


[edit] Contact

MediaRunway GmbH & Co. KG
Venloer Str. 8
D-41569 Rommerskirchen
Tel: +49 2183 80628-0

For any questions please refer to our contact page.

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